Ordinary Work/Granny Square Picture Tutorial

Numbers 28:16-31:54

“You shall do no ordinary work” Numbers 28:18, 25, 26; 29:1, 12 & 35

It started to become fairly obvious to me that God was trying to make a point when I ran across the fourth “you shall do no ordinary work”. Here I am writing about identity and our purpose in life and smack dab in the middle of Numbers in the sections on feast days God starts speaking to me about calling.

Yes. In the context of the reading the work they are speaking of IS regular, ordinary, every day work. And realistically, that’s what I’m talking about too. HOWEVER, that’s not where the reality of life stops. So often we love to draw a line between our God and our world of work. We work in the world and God doesn’t associate with the world right? WRONG! If that statement were true there would have been no Crucifixion!

No, Christ came into the world to save the world by doing something that many others were doing in a way that only He could do it. THAT’S a calling! It’s something that that God created you to do; and to any ordinary onlooker you may look like any other person doing your job. And in that aspect you are just like everyone else. But that’s where the similarities stop. No one can do your job the way YOU do it. NO ONE.

There were all kinds of Rabbi’s when Jesus was teaching and preaching. But there was only ONE Jesus.

Sure, there may be millions of other teachers out there, but there isn’t a single other teacher out there just like YOU! Sure there are millions of other people out there that crochet, but none of them are just like YOU! Yup, there are even millions of moms out there, doing exactly what you’re doing today. But none of them are just like YOU.

So today, while you’re busy at your “ordinary work” think about this; when you’re the one doing the work, it’s anything BUT ordinary!

Granny Square Tutorial:


Chain (CH)

Double Crochet (DC)

Slip Stitch (SL)

1 Granny Stitch (GS) = DC 3, CH 1 worked into the CH 1 space from the previous round

Initial CH 3 counts as 1 DC


Start with a magic ring



and chain (CH) 3.

Round 1:

DC 2, CH 1, 

GS 3 more times into the magic ring. 

Pull the magic ring closed, 

It will look like this:

SL to first CH 3. 

CH 3, 


Notice where the gaps are because this is where you’re going to be working for the rest of the square.

Round 2:

DC 2, CH 1, GS 1 in the first CH 1 space from the previous round. 

GS 2 in each of the rest of the CH 1 spaces from the previous round [there are 3 left],

SL to first CH 3. 

[You can finish off and be done here in this round if you want small Granny squares. Or you can keep going for larger ones.] CH 3, turn [if still going]. Skip down to the end if you’re finishing off.* Now my blanket’s squares don’t have a third round, it’s a baby blanket and I wanted to keep them small. So I don’t have any pictures for this next round. 😦 Sorry. However, if you would like to make your squares larger this is how you would do it.

Round 3-?:

Here is where you have to start paying attention to where the corners are. If you’re working on a side: work 1 GS into the CH space. If it’s a corner: work 2 GS into the CH space. Work around until you reach the beginning, SL to first CH 3. CH 3 & turn if you’re going on; finish off if you’re done.

*To finish off simply CH 1 and pull it TIGHT forming a knot in your work.

Trim your ends, leaving a little bit of a tail at the knot to be able to work it into the square so it won’t unravel on you when you wash them.

Tada! Happy crocheting my friends!

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3 thoughts on “Ordinary Work/Granny Square Picture Tutorial

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  3. OK Ya’ll, I made a blanket with these Granny Squares and almost every single one has had the center pull out. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT USE THE MAGIC RING TO START THESE!!!!! Instead ch 4, join with a slip stitch to form a ring, ch 3, turn. Continue with Round 1 instructions.
    I’m pretty sure that the biggest problem was that I used a very soft yarn making it easier for the magic ring to slip back out when stretched.

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