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Change is in the Wind

Job 26:1-30:31

“I will teach you about God’s power. I will not conceal anything concerning the Almighty.” Job27:11

My dear readers. I have come to a very difficult realization. I have too many irons in the fire. I feel God moving me in a (slightly) different direction. I have unfinished projects that MUST be finished. I would prefer for them to be finished by the beginning of December but I really don’t expect that to happen. With vacation and the holiday season at work these next two months are looking to be quite busy for me. From the beginning of this third Season of writing through the Bible in a Year my husband has been urging me to blog weekly rather than daily. I rebelled. The daily blog has been my passion for a very long time now and I have no plans of stopping any time soon. However, with everything that seems to be staring me in the calendar right now I’m having trouble figuring out how to get everything done in the 24/7 that God’s given me – and still retain my sanity and grace.

After the book signing on my birthday I’ve felt the importance of finishing, really FINISHING, the 365 Life project that He gave me. In the technical sense, it is finished. I wrote through the Bible in a year. However, there were enough people that seemed VERY interested in the materials that I did have there that it made me seriously consider the importance of providing them with the entire set of books and not half of one.

I only have so many hours a day to write and they’re quickly dwindling with the addition of a job outside the home. I feel that God’s been telling me lately to take a closer look at a) my writing and b) those who are interested in consuming it for a price. While blogging has been extremely profitable for my soul (and I pray yours) it has become more of a responsibility than a pleasure. You’ve been getting what’s left of my energy after everyone else has taken what they needed and that’s just not what I want in my writing. That’s not what I want for YOU. You deserve more than that. The message I bring is so important and I want to treat it that way. I want to be producing a quality product, not something that’s second rate. (I’m actually tearing up right now. This is a REALLY big deal to me.) I want to make sure that you’re getting steak, not spam.

So. Here’s the conclusion that I’ve come to. I need to be spending my time concentrating on producing this quality product for you. Rather than mass producing long-winded, rambling, pieces that I’ve heard many of you are backlogged on. (And God bless you for reading every word you saints!) Like my wise husband suggested at the beginning of the season (and I didn’t listen to him. 😉 I will be posting a weekly blog rather than daily. It will contain the Bible readings for the week and a devotional reading about the past week’s readings… you know, kind of like an actual BIBLE STUDY! LOL!!!

I will also be working on finishing what I started. I’ll be filling you in on things as I go along; keeping you abreast of all the new additions to the ever expanding resource list on the website. You’ve come this far on this journey with me and I HATE to cut you out of it now!!! Things are growing and expanding, and that’s GREAT! But it also means that we need to grow and expand with them and be prepared to handle the changes as they come along.

I am SUPER excited at the thought of diving into another in depth book project. I SO loved the writing process with True Intimacy and I’ve been longing to get back to that again. And I believe now is that time. I would GREATLY appreciate your prayers in all this, they mean the world to me! God bless you my eternal friends!

Oh! And so that I don’t forget! Please be praying for me this week. I have been asked to return to Hills Baptist Church in Sheridan to give their Sunday message again. I am praying for God’s words to His people to pour forth from my mouth like a balm to their soul. His word is a powerful double-edged sword dividing between bone and marrow and I am praying that it cuts away the very things that have been plaguing them for years and leaves only the God’s honest Truth that “My Redeemer LIVES!” (That’s the message title.) I’m going to be speaking on the critical part of the crucifixion, the Truth that Jesus walked OUT of that tomb. I’ll most likely be sharing the message with you when I get it done with it. 😉

Here are the readings for the rest of the week. I will post next week’s readings and my thoughts on this week’s readings on Friday night/Saturday morning.

This week’s


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1 Kings 8:33 – 10:22

Word of the Day:

“You teach them the good way in which they should walk, and grant rain upon Your land, which You have given to Your people as an inheritance.” 1 Kings 8:36

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been struggling with some demons lately; big fat hairy ones that just don’t seem to want to leave me alone. I went to lunch with my daughter at school this afternoon, marching through those hallowed halls with a big red “VISITOR” sticker on my belly always makes me smile. (Don’t ask why I don’t put it on my chest like everyone else, I don’t know myself… perhaps just simply to be different…) Anyway, as I stood there in line with the Kindergarteners waiting to go to recess they began to ask me to stay and go to recess with them. I’ve only been to recess once with Anna, so why they chose today to beg me to stay, I’m not quite sure, but I think it might be related to something big and hairy… Because what happened next, well, I hope I never forget it! You see I have this thing called Mommy guilt that I deal with constantly where I doubt my every choice as a mother. Did I do the right thing? Was I too harsh on them? Was I not stern enough? Did I send enough food for their lunches? The questions plague me, perhaps like the Queen of Sheba with Solomon…

As I walked out of the school, not having stayed for recess, I felt incredibly guilty for not staying. All I had to do at home was study and write, how important is that anyway compared to extra time with my little girl? Oh, I can not get started down that path or I may never find my way back out!!!

Last night I was reading a blog I recently subscribed to where he shared a Facebook conversation between two individuals about a third individual that just happens to be a pastor and runs a local gas station. You can click here to view the blog, it’s quite good. But part of Darrell‘s comment on this conversation struck me. “I commend men of God who shepherd small flocks and pay for the privilege of doing so with their own labor outside of the ministry.” There is so much truth in this one sentence! There is a COST of ministry. There is a cost for spreading the message of the gospel. There is a cost, a cross to bear, a thorn in the side if you will, whatever you call it there’s a price to pay to be in Christ. Why, because the Enemy hates Him. It’s as simple as that. The Enemy hates Jesus, and because we are united with Him the Enemy hates us.

If you want to get someone really smokin’ mad, say something negative about their spouse or their kids. Want to go a step further, injure or harm them instead. And what is it that the Enemy does again, well one of his most popular names is “the Accuser” (saying negative things about the children of God). Jesus also tells us that the Enemy comes to steal kill and destroy (injuring them).

So here I am, getting into my car headed home to work on this very post, feeling like crud because I didn’t stay and play with my daughter and her friends. Had I just been there for 45 minutes eating lunch with them? Yes. Was I thinking about that at the moment? No. God has blessed me with the ability to even GO to lunch with my kids that in itself is immeasurably more than most moms these days get to do! Was I focusing on that at the moment? No. Instead I was focusing on the cost, the price I was paying to do the very thing God has called me to do. Write to you, my friends.

I came home and as I walked in the front door and hung up my keys I could feel the turmoil boiling up in me again. You know that turmoil that makes God sound fuzzy like a radio that’s out of tune. I had been dealing with the fuzzy turmoil for a long time and during the fast I realized that it had gone away, then just this morning it started again. By the time I got home it had gotten so loud that I could stand it no more. And as I went to throw my shoes in the basket next to the door I looked into the mirror on the wall and said, “Lord, I need a name. I know that this demon will leave when I tell him to, but I want a name. It’s not Doubt, it’s different than that….” and through the din in my spirit I heard it, “Uncertainty”. “That’s it! Uncertainty! I’m not doubting right now, I’m uncertain! Well, in Jesus’ name, Uncertainty you must leave me immediately and Certainty, COME!”

Just that helped, but I wasn’t done yet! God was about to pour out some Certainty for me. J Hallelujah!

I had been watching a sermon on 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” I really wanted to get this one. I really yearned to more fully understand the concept of becoming a “new creation”. It’s a hard concept! When I accept Christ, I become “new” yet I don’t look any different. I’ve been “born again” but how is that possible? (Right Nicodemus? John 3:4) And what exactly does it mean to be “in Christ” and how do I do that? So many questions Queen of Sheba! But the one who made Solomon wise, lives in me through Christ’s death and His Holy Spirit and I can talk to Him and ask Him anything at any time!

So like a three year old with so many “Why’s”, I went to my Daddy in prayer and asked Him all these things. Oh my friends, His answer was so simple! “Meditate on 2 Corinthians 5:17, memorize it, make it part of who you are. New.”

So I opened up my ESV Bible and looked it up and wrote it down. And usually my method of memorizing a verse is to just write it down over and over again until I’ve got it sunk in real good. But this time was different. I hadn’t checked out other translations yet to see if any of them resounded with me better than the ESV. And this is where the real transformation started to take place. So, because it was so special for me, I’m going to share with you my page I was writing on.

And in case you can’t read the picture or just want to put your eyes on them yourself, here are some links:

2 Cor 5:17 English Standard Version, Message, Contemporary English Version, Good News Bible and the Easy Readers Version.

If you’ll notice in the picture of the paper, I have a couple of side notes between the translations. These are things that the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to write down. The first note is a song lyric from Britt Nicole’s song “All This Time“. The Holy Spirit has sung this lyric to me many many times over the last few years. “Well I’m not the same me, and that’s all the proof I need.” And it has rung true every single time. My entire self has changed since receiving Christ and His Holy Spirit. I was quite young when I accepted Christ into my heart so I’ve truly grown up in Christ. But now as an adult who has accepted the gift of the Holy Spirit and a call into ministry through writing about my journey through life with Christ, I have begun to question many of the things that I simply accepted as truth when I was younger. I blindly believed everything that anyone would tell me about God. Not any more! My eyes have been opened to the false prophets of this world; the wolves in sheep’s clothing and holy robes. The day I asked the Holy Spirit to come and fill me, well He changed me so completely that I am not the same me I used to be and that really is all the proof I need. At least it should be anyway. But I’m learning that Uncertainty can come and really mess with your head on things that used to be certain in your mind. It’s one thing to doubt new information; it’s another to go through bit by bit and question the old information. That’s hard. But I’ve done it! And I am so much better for it in the end! Because like I said, I’ve been changed by the testing of my faith. I now know WHY I believe what I believe and not just that I believe them because someone told me I should. I have intellectual roots in my faith, the very things that will keep me grounded in that faith when the storms of life come along. Remember those little plants in the parable of the Sower and the Seed? Those roots will hold you together when life feels like it’s falling apart. Remember the story of Joseph? He stored up grain, or seed – the Word of God, during the good times in order to use it during the famine – or tests of life.

The second note that God had me write down was, “You are a new person, whether you choose to live like one is up to you.” I started this little adventure today with a demon on my back; a demon that I have been given dominion over. I am in Christ, He is THE commander, and principalities MUST obey Him and therefore us, because we are in Him. Have you ever seen a parent who lets their child walk all over them? That parent is not claiming their rightful place as an authority over their child. In the same way, those who do not claim their rightful place as an authority over the principalities of this world will be walked all over by them. The conversation on Darrell’s blog drew my attention to 2 Timothy 2:4 where the word “soldier” stuck in my head. Like a tiny seed that has grown through this day and has begun to take root throughout this lesson. While I was praying for understanding on being “in Christ” and a “new creation” God said to me, “Soldier of the Living God, that’s you.”

We are soldiers of the Living God! In our reading today I was overwhelmed by the symbolism in it! Picture Solomon as God the Father.

The Israelites are us, look at 1 Kings 9:22 “But of the people of Israel, Solomon made no slaves. They were the soldiers, they were his officials, his commanders, his captains, his chariot commanders and his horsemen.”

Turn your attention to the story of Jesus and the faith of the Centurion, or soldier. Matthew 8:5-13

Look at verse 9 where the Centurion explains the way things work in the kingdom of God and here on earth. “For I too am a man under authority, with soldiers under me. And I say to one, “Go,” and he goes, and to another, “Come,” and he comes, and to my servant, “Do this,” and he does it.” God is in charge of us, but we are in charge of pretty much everything else. We have been given dominion over this world and everything in it that has never changed since the Garden of Eden. Only now, we have moved up the ladder of authority from son of Adam, to Son of God. There is absolutely nothing on this earth that is not under our authority. When we notice some Enemy activity going on in the world around us, it is our job to call it out, to speak (out loud) against it. (The angels and demons can’t read your minds.) Hebrews 1:14 tells us, “Are they not all ministering spirits (angels) sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation?”

Right now, somewhere in your near vicinity, there is at least one angel just waiting, poised in preparation, to carry out your commands to defend and protect God’s children and the things that matter to them. I don’t want you to read this and think that we are surrounded constantly by demons alone. Oh no!!!! We each have been assigned our own personal angels to guard and protect us, AND to carry out our instructions. “Lord, please protect my children today at school” I picture it as though my angel hears my prayer, and passes it along to my children’s angels, at least that’s the picture the Centurion gives us anyway. You see he knew that Jesus was the Messiah, the Son of God, commander of the angel army. He knew that Jesus didn’t have to walk all the way across town to his house in order to heal his servant, he could simply speak the word and the angels would do the rest.

If you have spoken your allegiance to Jesus and asked for Him to come and live in your heart, then you are “in Christ” and He is “in you”. Because He is in you, you have become the temple of the Holy Spirit of the Living God. And tell me dear friend, as the temple of a Holy God is an unholy demon allowed anywhere near you? Absolutely not! You have been given the seal of the Holy Spirit, you are married to Jesus the King of kings, you have been given the honor and position of being able to sign His name on formal official documents and you have not only the right but the job of telling those demons to BACK OFF! Get out! Go Away! Report to Jesus (the commander and judge)! And anything else you can think of to tell them! They are under your command and they are, even more importantly, under your feet, tell them where to go and what to do and how to do it. Return to hell from where you came, in Jesus’ name! Hold up that shield of faith that your Father gave you and use it against the one firing missiles of destruction and lies at you. God’s faithfulness is our shield and rampart, and like the wall that Solomon built around Jerusalem, He protects us. But seeing as how we are in an ongoing centuries long spiritual war, there have been casualties, there are pains that cost us dearly in this battle, but we don’t have to take them lying down. We need to use them to fuel us up! Allow the pains of this world to cause us to rise up in battle and fight the Enemy with a ferocity that he’s never seen before. Be that person that when your feet hit the floor in the morning Satan says, “Aw crap, she’s up!”

Rise up Soldier of the Living God, your time has come, fight. The battle is yours, saith the Lord. Because He “will fight for you, you need only to be still”. (Exodus 14:14)


Give a book bible button

I wanted to make you aware of some ministry updates. I am very excited to announce that I have a Mother’s Day speaking engagement scheduled for May 11th. I would LOVE to have books on hand for the women to buy, and even some to give away as gifts. However, the current funds in the ministry account are running drastically low. If you are able, I would love for you to prayerfully consider giving a book or Bible to someone who can’t afford one. If you are able, please click here!

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I’m Writing Through the Bible in a Year, Wanna Join Me?

So, I’ve been really praying and evaluating lately about the blog and just how exactly I wanted to use it, when out of the clear blue sky God pops this idea into my head. “Write through the bible alphabetically in a year.” I’ll read a section every morning, and then at some point during the day blog about how God has worked that day’s scripture into my life. God’s word is alive and active in the lives of His children and that is the point that I want to make with this project. So many critics say that the Bible is an archaic book that doesn’t apply to modern-day life, but as every daily reader already knows, this is not the truth.

If other people want to jump in with me on this divine challenge, well then GREAT! This blog is my accountability partner, with my calendar on the side as my checklist for daily blogging and reading in the Word. I think this will be fun!

Tomorrow we start, first thing in the morning! LET’S DO THIS THING!


Our Reading Plan: 2 1/2 pages per day

I will be reading this year in the English Standard Version since it’s not a version I’m that familiar with. To figure out how much to read per day I flipped to Revelation 22 and looked at the page number, it was 895. Then I took that number and divided it by 365 and got 2.45, or 2 pages and one column per day of reading. Seriously, that’s it! Only two and a half pages of reading a day! Could this be any simpler?

Next I flipped to Acts (the first book of the bible alphabetically) and our first day’s reading will be Acts 1:1 – 3:15!


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