I’m Writing Through the Bible in a Year, Wanna Join Me?

So, I’ve been really praying and evaluating lately about the blog and just how exactly I wanted to use it, when out of the clear blue sky God pops this idea into my head. “Write through the bible alphabetically in a year.” I’ll read a section every morning, and then at some point during the day blog about how God has worked that day’s scripture into my life. God’s word is alive and active in the lives of His children and that is the point that I want to make with this project. So many critics say that the Bible is an archaic book that doesn’t apply to modern-day life, but as every daily reader already knows, this is not the truth.

If other people want to jump in with me on this divine challenge, well then GREAT! This blog is my accountability partner, with my calendar on the side as my checklist for daily blogging and reading in the Word. I think this will be fun!

Tomorrow we start, first thing in the morning! LET’S DO THIS THING!


Our Reading Plan: 2 1/2 pages per day

I will be reading this year in the English Standard Version since it’s not a version I’m that familiar with. To figure out how much to read per day I flipped to Revelation 22 and looked at the page number, it was 895. Then I took that number and divided it by 365 and got 2.45, or 2 pages and one column per day of reading. Seriously, that’s it! Only two and a half pages of reading a day! Could this be any simpler?

Next I flipped to Acts (the first book of the bible alphabetically) and our first day’s reading will be Acts 1:1 – 3:15!


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