Change is in the Wind

Job 26:1-30:31

“I will teach you about God’s power. I will not conceal anything concerning the Almighty.” Job27:11

My dear readers. I have come to a very difficult realization. I have too many irons in the fire. I feel God moving me in a (slightly) different direction. I have unfinished projects that MUST be finished. I would prefer for them to be finished by the beginning of December but I really don’t expect that to happen. With vacation and the holiday season at work these next two months are looking to be quite busy for me. From the beginning of this third Season of writing through the Bible in a Year my husband has been urging me to blog weekly rather than daily. I rebelled. The daily blog has been my passion for a very long time now and I have no plans of stopping any time soon. However, with everything that seems to be staring me in the calendar right now I’m having trouble figuring out how to get everything done in the 24/7 that God’s given me โ€“ and still retain my sanity and grace.

After the book signing on my birthday I’ve felt the importance of finishing, really FINISHING, the 365 Life project that He gave me. In the technical sense, it is finished. I wrote through the Bible in a year. However, there were enough people that seemed VERY interested in the materials that I did have there that it made me seriously consider the importance of providing them with the entire set of books and not half of one.

I only have so many hours a day to write and they’re quickly dwindling with the addition of a job outside the home. I feel that God’s been telling me lately to take a closer look at a) my writing and b) those who are interested in consuming it for a price. While blogging has been extremely profitable for my soul (and I pray yours) it has become more of a responsibility than a pleasure. You’ve been getting what’s left of my energy after everyone else has taken what they needed and that’s just not what I want in my writing. That’s not what I want for YOU. You deserve more than that. The message I bring is so important and I want to treat it that way. I want to be producing a quality product, not something that’s second rate. (I’m actually tearing up right now. This is a REALLY big deal to me.) I want to make sure that you’re getting steak, not spam.

So. Here’s the conclusion that I’ve come to. I need to be spending my time concentrating on producing this quality product for you. Rather than mass producing long-winded, rambling, pieces that I’ve heard many of you are backlogged on. (And God bless you for reading every word you saints!) Like my wise husband suggested at the beginning of the season (and I didn’t listen to him. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will be posting a weekly blog rather than daily. It will contain the Bible readings for the week and a devotional reading about the past week’s readingsโ€ฆ you know, kind of like an actual BIBLE STUDY! LOL!!!

I will also be working on finishing what I started. I’ll be filling you in on things as I go along; keeping you abreast of all the new additions to the ever expanding resource list on the website. You’ve come this far on this journey with me and I HATE to cut you out of it now!!! Things are growing and expanding, and that’s GREAT! But it also means that we need to grow and expand with them and be prepared to handle the changes as they come along.

I am SUPER excited at the thought of diving into another in depth book project. I SO loved the writing process with True Intimacy and I’ve been longing to get back to that again. And I believe now is that time. I would GREATLY appreciate your prayers in all this, they mean the world to me! God bless you my eternal friends!

Oh! And so that I don’t forget! Please be praying for me this week. I have been asked to return to Hills Baptist Church in Sheridan to give their Sunday message again. I am praying for God’s words to His people to pour forth from my mouth like a balm to their soul. His word is a powerful double-edged sword dividing between bone and marrow and I am praying that it cuts away the very things that have been plaguing them for years and leaves only the God’s honest Truth that “My Redeemer LIVES!” (That’s the message title.) I’m going to be speaking on the critical part of the crucifixion, the Truth that Jesus walked OUT of that tomb. I’ll most likely be sharing the message with you when I get it done with it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are the readings for the rest of the week. I will post next week’s readings and my thoughts on this week’s readings on Friday night/Saturday morning.

This week’s


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4 thoughts on “Change is in the Wind


    One of my best friends go to that church….Jim and Brenda Garrod……very sweet / loyal friend!!!!

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  2. Tim johnson

    Tamar: Thank you for letting us know you going weekly is no probliem ! You will do great preaching next Sunday! That will be your true calling I believe! And you should be paid for this & paid well!!! LOL Tim Johnson

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