Shockwave Speech

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Job 39:1-42:17

Nov 9


Joel 1:1-3:21

Nov 10


John 1:1-3:36

Nov 11


John 4:1-6:21

Nov 12


John 6:22-8:30

Nov 13


John 8:31-11:37

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This week’s Devotional:

“Do you know the laws of the universe? Can you use them to regulate the earth?” Job 38:33

I was immediately taken with this verse. We’ve finally reached my favorite part of Job, the part where God speaks of all the things that He has done. I love reading about the majesty and power of our Father!

Something clicked in my brain today when I read God’s words to Job asking if he knows the laws of the universe. Hey! There are laws of the universe! Which, OK, that isn’t that big of a shocker. But the part that came next was. Can you use them to regulate the earth? Wait, what!?! CAN we use them? It was a thought that wouldn’t leave me alone. It chased me down and tackled me with possibility. So I asked Him, “LORD, can we use the laws of the universe to regulate the earth?”

His answer blew me away. “Sure you can!”

“Ummmm…. What?! How? Will you teach me? Should you teach me?”

He showed me a picture of me simply speaking. Not all fancy-like on a stage to a crowd, but in my home, or on the street simply speaking His words. His example was our upcoming trip to Disney. Earlier that morning I had a friend remind me to take my anointing oil because hotels are a Petri-dish of collected spirits. God showed me a picture of me walking into the Lobby of the Resort and speaking the very words Jesus instructed His disciples to speak when they entered a hospitable home in a new city:

“God’s Peace to this home” (Luke 10:5).

And the moment I spoke them a shockwave burst from me into all directions out through the ENTIRE resort bringing the Peace of God to the entire place.

I was amazed. But then what was more amazing was later that afternoon I was hanging laundry out on the line marveling at the FLOCK of very noisy birds in my neighbor’s trees. They were chattering like crazy. While I was enjoying their gleeful chattering I was very curious about them. There had to have been 100 of them. What were they doing there? Why were they only in my neighbor’s trees and no one else’s? It was perplexing to me. So naturally I asked God. This time I got no direct answer, which was fine.

My mind switched to thinking about other things as the birds chattered on and I continued snapping clips onto my husband’s shirts. Slowly a phrase I never would’ve come up with on my own started forming in the back of my head. It kept building like waters behind a dam pushing to emerge forth as speech. When I could bear it no longer I spoke the words. IMMEDIATELY every bird was silent. And a moment later they flew from their perches in the tree and landed silently in another tree farther from me.

Here, I hadn’t meant to try out this new concept of shockwave speech, but I’m pretty sure I had done it all the same. Through this, God pointed three things out to me, 1) speak HIS words, no matter how strange they may feel to your tongue. 2) The words you speak DO have power… serious power. And anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. 3) The laws of the universe are hidden in God’s Word and all we need to do to seek them out is to seek Him out.

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