He Will Sustain You

Psalm 51:1-57:11

“Cast your burden on the LORD, and He will sustain you; He will never permit the righteous to be moved.” Psalm 55:22

There is someone out there today that needs to hear this. There is someone whose heart is heavy and overflowing with burdens they can’t bear any longer. There is someone out there who is reading this who is seconds away from giving up and as a last ditch effort, by the Grace of God, is reading this before they do.

It is not by accident that you found this blog. It isn’t by chance that I’m speaking straight to you right now. It’s GOD. He knows the aches of your heart and He desperately desires to lift them from your crushed spirit. He’s reaching out to you a helping hand. The kind of hand that heals the broken hearted and mends wounded souls. His hands touch the afflicted with comfort. His shoulders are wide and strong and made to carry the burdens you currently bear. His arms are flung wide in order to embrace your brokenness and hurt. He doesn’t protect His heart from the slings and arrows of men, He leaves it wide open for you to walk right in and make yourself at home. He asks only for the openness of your own heart to receive the Grace He extends to you.

Jesus is Lord of all, yet He stoops down to hear the prayers of the weak. He is King of all nations yet He came to climb upon a cross on YOUR behalf; in your stead. He could have called thousands upon thousands of angels to come and remove Him from the suffering. He instead calls thousands upon thousands of angels to come and keep watch over YOU, His Beloved, night after night. He calls to you in the stirrings of your heart. He calls to you in the longings of your soul. He calls to you even in the questions of your mind. He calls to you, because He cares for you. He cares for you in ways that you could never imagine. He loves you with an abandon that you’ve never experienced before. He loves you with such adoration that He literally stares at you all day long and all night long while you sleep. He never sleeps but is in constant guard over YOU, His Beloved, because He loves YOU.

Yes, your heart is weighed down with many burdens. But it doesn’t have to stay that way! Human shoulders were never created to carry the burdens we place upon ourselves day after day. They were created to snuggle up under the protective arm of God. The arm of God that is never too short to save, but is always long enough to keep the attackers at bay.

Beloved, lay your burdens down.

Lay them down at His feet and allow Him to carry them for you. He’s big enough and He’s certainly strong enough, but more than that, He’s willing enough. He is willing to take your burdens from you. He is willing to help you with the things that concern you. He is willing to lighten your load. He is willing to heal your hurts and He is willing to ease your pain.

There is a suicidal spirit that is sweeping our dear nation and it is coming from a place of hopelessness. But the Truth that sets us free from hopelessness is that the blood of Jesus shed on the cross was for each and every soul. It wasn’t just for those who were present when it happened, it was for EVERYONE, yes, even YOU. And the greatest part is that when we accept the gift of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross we are accepting everything that comes with it.

The blood of Jesus makes us anything but hopeless.

Because of Jesus we can have hope that our life isn’t for nothing. Because of Jesus we have been given the Truth that we were placed, planted, on this planet for a purpose, for a time such as this. If you are breathing at this very moment, it’s because God wants you here, because He has a plan for your life and His word says that it’s a GOOD plan!* His word says that it’s a plan for hope and a future. His word also says that everything that has happened in your life has happened in order to bring you to a place where you will come to realize that you really do need Him in your life. His word says that He loves you and that He wants a relationship with you. He wants for you to know intimate secrets about Him and to share yours with Him. Not that He doesn’t already know them, because trust me, He does. But He wants to sit and just listen to the melody of your voice telling Him about your life. He wants to hear the song your heart sings when it pours itself out all over the floor in a flood of tears and pain. I know it sounds crazy, but all the things that hurt you, He wants them; because He knows they’re hurting you.

He knows.

And He cares.

And He will sustain you.

Jesus is before you, right now, on bended knee extending out to you an engagement ring called “Salvation” and a wedding ring called “Grace”. His proposal is simple, “Will you marry Me and let Me lead you and take care of you all the days of your life? Will you turn away from all those past lovers that have left you and wounded you and will you let Me cling to you and heal you?”

Will you accept Him and all His benefits? Will you allow Him to come and soothe your aches and pains? Will you allow Him to remove your burdens and replace them with blessings? Will you allow Him to come and shepherd you like a sheep, lost and lonely?

Salvation is as simple as saying, “Yes!”

If you said, “Yes!” today, please let us know in the comments below. We would REALLY love to celebrate with you! We’re here for you, not as much as Jesus is, but we’re as here for you as two human beings can be. 😉 Another helpful thing would be to enter your email into the “Stay Updated” box at the top right hand side of the page. By doing this you will receive daily emails with links to daily scripture readings, a daily devotional to encourage you and any time you comment on the blogs we respond as quickly as possible.




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