Psalm 45:1-50:23

“Stand silent! Know that I am God! I will be honored by every nation in the world!” Psalm 46:10 TLB

Yesterday when I wrote the word, “Grounded” the other meaning of that word hit me. Our son has been grounded from his electronic devices and the change in his has been amazing. Instead of having his nose stuck in his Kindle it’s been in his closet pulling out totes of construction materials. He’s been engaging with the family more and participating in conversations. This made me realize, considering my conversations with God as of late, that perhaps my phone is playing a huge roll in stressing me out. So last night, in the hours I lay in bed wide awake the thought occurred to me to do an experiment. I could do a “phone fast” for a week and see if that makes any difference in my stress levels.

So my plan is to keep my phone on silent and turned face down on my desk so that it will still receive messages but I won’t be able to see or hear them. Then, like anyone else who isn’t allowed to have their phones on them at work during the day, when I take a break for lunch I will check those messages and answer any that need my immediate attention. Then the phone will go face down on my desk again until, lunch again the next day.

I realize this sounds extreme, but nothing wagered, nothing gained right? If I’m seeing such great things in my son’s grounding then why wouldn’t I also see great things in my own “grounding”? As usual, I’ll be using the blog as my journal and therefore keeping you up to date with how this experiment is going. Please keep me in your prayers this week as this should be an especially interesting experiment! Who knows, it may just turn into a new normal for me! 😉

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