This week’s photos, I just HAD to share them!!!

OK folks, so as I was organizing this week’s photos and I just couldn’t sit on them. I had to share with my friends the beautiful awe that I witnessed this week. I have come to realize (not that I didn’t already know it) that God is by far the most amazing artist EVER! The way He paints the sky is just incredible! On Wednesday I went to McGregor park with my Parks and Prayers group, where we sat next to a quiet stream in a nice green field to talk about the 23rd Psalm. When I got there and had a few minutes to wait I whipped out my camera and found a heart. Then on the walking path with my friends God showed me His smile But then after we settled down in the green pasture with our chairs a butterfly came along and insisted it just HAD to perch on my friend Jennifer’s arm. Then when she moved her arm it landed on her hat and stayed there the entire time we sat there! While we were there Jennifer and I both got texts about a storm headed our way so we decided to get moving and relocate our meeting to my house. On the way home I drove into this! I drove for a while just in awe of the sight in front of me, realizing that I was driving directly into a storm until I simply couldn’t stand the beauty anymore and had to pull over on the side of the road to capture it! I found myself sitting in the grass on the side of the road, trying to somehow make myself smaller so that I could fully encapsulate the magnitude of what I was seeing on film. But alas, yet again, while I was able to get some good pictures of the front, I still was not able to really capture the moment to my own satisfaction. While the pictures are able to show the artistry and the beauty of God’s creation in motion they simply don’t covey the GRANDNESS of that moment. * Maybe because that’s just not something that can be conveyed to someone who hadn’t just had the conversation I had just had with my friends about our own trials in ministry and the struggles of life only to come to the determination that God is bigger than the storms in our lives. And there in this moment, here I was taking in the magnitude of the coming storm and feeling so small against it, yet knowing that GOD is bigger. That God was the artist of this masterpiece I was beholding. The Master painter and His work literally bringing me to my knees in awe of His talent and ability in stark contrast to my own lack of talent and inabilities. It was magnificent!

Thursday was a crazy and chaotic day of running around like a chicken with my head cut off! Errands here, things to do there, pick up the dog at the vet on the way to dance class because he wasn’t ready in enough time to pick him up and bring him home first. During dance class, with the dog in the car with the windows rolled down, there was a pop up shower while it was still sunny out! So I ran outside to roll the windows up on the car so the poor dog wouldn’t get soaked and then ran back in for the last few minutes of tap class. When we came back out this is the sight that greeted us.

All the way I drove into the fading sun and marveling at the magnificence of the clouds and their colors, when it hit me. Suddenly I understood why I’m so fascinated with the sky, it’s HUGE! No matter how small I may feel, how terribly insignificant or unimportant, untalented or unequipped when I look at the sky I’m instantly reminded of my Maker. The same One who paints the sky for me day in and day out is the same One who paints my life. And He doesn’t use only light colors to paint, if He did there would be no contrast, nothing to make the light look more beautiful and obvious.

* My friend Kelly just called me, I emailed her these photos a little while ago to share them. She opened up the Landscape version of the Storm (the photo with the * after it) and told me to look just to the left of the center of the photo. What do you see? I about fell off my chair!!!

Tell me, what do you see???

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4 thoughts on “This week’s photos, I just HAD to share them!!!

  1. Hmmmmm…. these pictures came out REALLY tiny when i posted them! Sorry about that!!! I’m not quite sure how to fix that… I’ll see what I can do though!

  2. OK, so I was able to make them larger, but now they’re fuzzy. Looks like I’m gonna go with fuzzy because it’s LATE!

  3. Brenda Jo Milthaler

    Hi My Friend:

    Thank you for all the pictures (and your words). I wish the pictures were bigger, as they are hard for me to see the detail. I think that picture might have a cloud in the shape of a hand, but I am not sure.

    I pray that you are having a blessed day, I sure am.

    With Love,

    In Christ,


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