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My friends, this life is a CRAZY ride! I’ve been able to post a couple of times since I started working as our middle school’s Special Education teacher. (I’m loving it by the way.) I’ve shared how it’s been my lifelong dream to be a teacher, and that God has called us blessed us with exceeding fruitfulness. Oh my friends! We truly do have that blessing of fruitfulness on our lives! You are not where you are by random chance! God has placed you precisely where you are for such a time as this! He has called you to bloom where you’re planted and make a difference right where you are, right now. You don’t have time to sit around and wait for the perfect opportunity to be fruitful and productive, because NOW is that time! This very moment, this very second, this very day! Bloom NOW, right where you are! You are the light of this world, BE IT! He has placed you as a lamp, high on a hill, shine by being precisely, fully YOU! And only you know what that looks like and feels like. He made you who you are, be that person today – shamelessly. Be you! Allow yourself to indulge in what it feels like to do the very thing that makes you feel unique and special and then then bask in that warm glow that emits from your very soul. For me, that’s teaching and connecting with children.

I have always loved children, they make my heart full with their silliness and smiles. And right now, as a middle school teacher I get plenty of that! But even more so, over the last few weeks I’ve been faced with a gift only God could have given me. I fully believe that God has placed me here in this classroom. There is no doubt about that in my mind whatsoever. And I’ve been operating in that function – “God has put me here.” “I’m supposed to be here.” “This is what I‘m supposed have to do.”

I had been praying about my former position that had been open for the last 8 weeks and I was marveling at how long it had been taking to find someone for my Instructional Assistant position. And at the same time, nervous about it being filled because then that might leave me out of a job if the school decided to go a different direction when my contract was up in December. So I had taken a bit of comfort knowing that it hadn’t been filled and if needed I could always go back to it. Up to that point I had been dutifully going through all the motions of being a Special Education teacher in a middle school. I had even applied to the school of Special Education at Ball State for my masters and have been accepted. But I had done it all out of a sense of duty, not desire.


Then one morning as I was driving into the sunrise pulling into the school parking lot God asked me, “Is this where you WANT to be?” In that one question He made it known to me that my former position hadn’t been filled yet because He was waiting for me to choose the role He had placed me in and bloom where He had planted me. And it was in that moment that I did decide that this IS what I want. It certainly wasn’t what I had prayed for, hoped for, or asked Him for all summer; but having done it for the last two months, against my will, I had grown to really enjoy it. And in that moment I realized that, “Yes. This really IS where I want to be and what I really do want to do.” It wasn’t an hour later that another teacher came in my room and struck up a conversation with me where I repeated those very words aloud! And wouldn’t you know it, it wasn’t even another hour later that my mentor teacher came strolling into my room with my IA replacement! Seriously, I’m not even kidding you! That very same day that I made the decision that I wanted to stay and be where God had planted me, was the very day that He said, “Wish granted” and “There’s no backing out now!”


The very next week, last week to be exact, I went on a whirlwind tour of training! Two days in Fort Wayne with the always fabulous Indiana IEP Resource Center.

And one day at the Indiana Connected Educator Convention, where I attended a session on telling our stories. Guess who talked me back into blogging more often! And inspired me to buy a headset during my lunch break so I could screencastify – I’ll explain more about that later. img_20161012_113839

To put it mildly, I’m thrilled to be stepping into this role wholeheartedly now. I always put at least 100% into everything that I do, but there’s a mindset shift when you go from doing something because you have to, to doing it because you want to! And I couldn’t be happier to not just accept my role here at SMS, but to embrace it and fully become all that I can be here in it! My blog has always been all about me and the things that I’m thinking and learning and that won’t be changing. However, because my life has changed so drastically in the last few years, so will the content of my blog. Which only makes sense. I’m sure that I’ll still be throwing Bible verses and the Holy Spirit in here from time to time – probably ALL the time. But they won’t be standing alone in the stay at home mommy world any more. They’re going to be set in a classroom full of kiddos that have had the whole world set against them for a very long time. These kids need prayer in a way that I’ve never experienced before!



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Take the Time to REST


1 Samuel 1:1-3:21
I have a confession to make, this past Sunday we actually played hookey from church. Well, OK, that’s not *entirely* accurate, we did attend church – OUR church even… in our pajamas on our couch via the internet and simulcast. There are some definite perks to attending a very large church. Northview Church just launched a new “iCampus” and so far it seems to be going quite successfully. And really, that morning service in our livingroom set the tone for that whole cold rainy day. There we sat and there we stayed all day watching movies, and it was glorious!
The next day when I went to work and told one of my co-workers about it she asked, “What’s that like? I never get a day off!” And for any of you that know me very well, or have followed this blog for very long, you know how I feel about that! So you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I then replied to her,
“You should just take the time to relax every once in a while.”
“Well, I have goals and things to do.” she replied.
I said, “So do I. But sometimes those things should wait.” (If only she knew what my goals were! HA! God has certainly taught me to dream BIG!)
She said more, letting me know that I was wasting my breath in trying to convince her that rest is important (not to mention quality time with your family) and so I stopped bothering. Someday the Holy Spirit will teach her the wisdom of rest, until then I will continue to celebrate my Sabbath in my way and she can celebrate it hers. (Did I mention that she suffers from migraines almost monthly, where she is forced to stop her business and goal chasing in order to rest?)
You see my friends, God has His ways. HE knows what’s best for us and what we need, so much better than we do. He knew from the very beginning that we would get so caught up in our goals and our plans that we would forget to take care of ourselves.
Sometimes the best way to take care of others is to take care of yourself! If I’m so worn out that I get sick to the point that I literally can’t move from the bed then how is that helping anyone? Instead of pushing myself to the absolute limit, I plan a time to intentionally stop and smell the roses.
Take the time to rest and allow your body the time to recover and recuperate, and perhaps enjoy some family fun time at the same time. We all have goals, we all have things that we want and are working toward them. However, if your body is forcing you to rest I guarantee you it will cost you more time and be less enjoyable than if you were to PLAN resting time in advance. Trust me, this is the voice of experience talking here. I even wrote a book about it!

Rest front cover - Page 001

We all need some quiet time. We all need some “me” time. And as long as you’re not staying in that “me” zone all the time, your goals will still be there waiting for you on the other side of that PJ day. I promise. Only this time, you’ll have more mental and physical and spiritual energy to achieve those goals. Who knows, by taking some time away from them you may even end up achieving them faster than you would have without the respite.
Pray about it today, is God calling you to come away with Him and have some quiet time? Is He calling you to both lie down and sleep because He alone makes you dwell in safety? Did you know that the Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still? My friend, be still and KNOW that He is God. Give Him your goals, your fears, your troubles and let Him work on them for a while so that you can take a much-needed break.


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