Dusty Tumbleweeds

It’s driving me crazy! Every time I open up the internet on any of my devices the blog pops up (because it’s my homescreen on all my devices) and I can practically see the tumbleweeds blowing across the screen it feels so empty and deserted! I just HAD to write something so that it wouldn’t feel so hollow and abandoned anymore!
I have one more week of online classes left and then I will qualify for my license renewal! Yay! School has been out for a week now, so that lifted an enormous time burden from my shoulders… but left a huge hole in my heart! I miss going there every day and seeing these kids I have grown to love so much. Two more months til school starts again. In the meantime, it’s summer fun with MY kiddos!!! And we’re having a blast! We’ve done something every day this week, I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to last at the pace, but we’re enjoying it so far.
I made a Summer Fun Planner that I’m hoping to upload to Teachers Pay Teachers soon, when I do I’ll put a link on here for you. It’s the lesson planner I created for myself for next school year modified for the summer. Yup. I’m a teacher at heart. 🙂
Also, quickly, before I forget, Sean is planning on driving in a derby this Saturday. It’s in the Indiana State Fairgrounds grandstands at 4:00 pm. This will be his first derby of the year so we’re feeling pretty excited! Please pray for his safety (and all the rest of the drivers as well), and for those who need Bibles to get them this weekend. We have plenty!
God bless you my friends!
Live your dreams, they’re worth it.

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