A Full Cross is Good News


1 Samuel 26:1-30:31
This morning was a very exciting morning for my husband and I. We were blessed beyond measure to witness our close friend from Alpha class at church being baptised alongside his daughter! One by one their baptism class filed onto the stage heavily burdened with their sins freshly inked upon on paper. On their way to the water they passed the cross where they paused to pin their sins upon its strong uplifted arms. And then dipped their toes into the Water of Life that cleanses those sins and burdens and infuses the power of Jesus IN us. From the smallest (who couldn’t even been seen over the side of the pool) to the tallest, they each stepped into the stage with a burden much heavier than mere paper and yet as they walked soaking wet from the stage they felt lighter than air!
Jesus saves my friends!


As I stared at the cross pinned full of sin and shame I marveled at how just one piece of paper (and the things it represents) is enough to weigh one of us down to the point of uselessness and impotence. And yet there it is, FULL of those papers and instead of being emptied of strength and significance, like we would be, it is more powerful, it’s MORE amazing, it’s MORE glorious than it was before our sins lay upon it! While our strength wanes with every addition of sin when those sins are pinned to THE cross of Christ His strength gains! There is NO amount of sin, shame, or human imperfection that could ever possibly drain the cross of its power. Ever!
Isn’t that GOOD NEWS!

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