Skull Place

Matthew 27:24-28:20

“When they came to a place called Golgotha (which means Skull Place),” Matthew 27:33

Some of you are really gonna dig this.

Jesus was crucified on a hill named Skull Place. It was on this hill that through His death He conquered the greatest Enemy mankind has ever faced.

Jesus was known throughout both the New and Old Testaments as the Son of David.

Are you ready for this? If you flip back to 1 Samuel 17 you’ll find the epic fight between David and the biggest enemy he had faced up to that point in his life. The guy was like 9 feet tall, seriously, and probably had the most rippling muscles around. And there stood scrawny little shepherd boy David with his sling and his rock. Yet it wasn’t David that was outmatched, it was Goliath! He completely underestimated what David could do to him. With his first shot David slung that smooth stone from the river and nailed Goliath right in the forehead bringing him down to his level. Then with Goliath’s own sword David cut off Goliath’s head and according to 1 Samuel 17:54, “David took Goliath’s head and brought it to JERUSALEM.”

Now, while there is no proof in the Bible, there are rabbinical writings that state that David buried Goliath’s head just outside of Jerusalem. Perhaps in a hill they named, the Skull Place, aka Golgotha!!!!!

In Genesis 3:15, when God curses the snake for deceiving Eve He tells the serpent that while he may bite her child’s heel, her child (Jesus) will crush the serpent’s head!

My friend is that not precisely what Jesus did on the cross? He removed the fear and sting of DEATH from us! Forever! While Satan stood there watching Jesus die on the cross, he must have thought of how outmatched Jesus was. Satan underestimated the power of the Son of David. There Jesus was, literally standing on Goliath’s head conquering ALL the sin of the world with one strike to its forehead, it all came tumbling down. And Satan fell, like lightning, defeated.

Utterly defeated.


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