Lavish Love

Matthew 25:31-27:23

“Why this waste?” Matthew 26:8

Every time I read this section I cringe. Jesus and His followers are all reclining to dinner at a leper’s house and this woman comes in with a bottle of EXPENSIVE perfume and starts pouring it all over Jesus’ body. It’s a beautiful gesture of love and appreciation toward the Son of God. And yet the other men at the table look at it and say, “Why this waste? This might have been sold for a great deal and given to the poor.”


He is the Son of God! He’s been walking around with you guys for the last three years constantly telling you about how He’s going to die for you and this honor paid upon Him is a WASTE? You’ve GOT to be kidding me!

And yet just this morning, while I was still laying in bed and avoiding opening my eyes and fully waking up, the Holy Spirit confronted me with my own “wasteful” thinking. This past weekend I cringed at spending $20 on a game for my son. Now, this wasn’t just any old game, it was THE game that he has been longing for, for a VERY long time. It’s the game that all the rest of his friends play and they play online with each other… and he didn’t have it. Now, the big reason he hasn’t had it was simply because we didn’t have all the equipment to play it so that he could connect with his friends.

Two weekends ago, I cringed at spending the great amount of money for the game system to play this game. Why did I cringe? Was it the money, or was it something else? That same amount of money could have purchased things that I wanted. Things that I would like to have, but certainly don’t need. It could have paid debts that I would like to see eradicated.

But then something happened yesterday, Gabe was able to meet up with one of his friends online after school and play this game for the first time. I kid you not, he was giggling like a little school girl. No, actually, the little school girl in our house doesn’t even giggle as much as he was! He was SO HAPPY. And his happiness made me happy. So very happy.

So then this morning as I lay in bed fighting consciousness everything came into focus, “Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of Mine, you did for Me.” (Matthew 25:40) Jesus, plain as day, said it to me. “This gift you purchased your son, it was a gift to Me as well. It was NOT a waste. It brought MUCH joy to both him and his friends. That’s not wasteful, it’s love! Gifts are not love, they are a sign of love from those who give and receive love in that manner. It’s not a waste of money; it’s an abundance of love. And love spent on those you care about is NEVER a waste! Indulgence upon a fellow member of the Body of Christ is never wasted. Follow the direction of My Holy Spirit in how to spend your love, your time and your money and you will never go astray. I will not lead you into paths that will swallow you, though sometimes it may feel that way. Those paths are meant to strengthen and define you into who you are meant to be – made in My image. You are a cherished, Beloved Child of God – the One True King – He is the owner of ALL the sheep and ALL the cattle on ALL the hills… and He owns the hills too. You are His child in whom He is well pleased. He delights in your complete and total prosperity, you MUST believe that! If you, who are merely human, delight in giving good gifts to your children; then why is it so difficult for you to believe that your Father who is in Heaven would not also delight in giving good gifts to YOU as well? And you’ve got to know that I’m not just talking about spiritual gifts from a spiritual God. I delight in your joy and give you the things that bring you that joy. And as long as they don’t come between you and me, we’re good. But when that happens, well, then those things are no longer good for you because I am BEST for you; never forget that. Like a husband who loves to dote on his wife and children, I love to dote on YOU! Don’t be like the ill-dressed wedding guest and refuse My lavish love. I want to show you My love for YOU in wonderful ways today – let Me!

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