Tiny Terrorists

Jeremiah 26:1-29:32

“For it is absolutely true that the LORD sent me to speak every word you have heard.” Jeremiah 26:15

This morning when I went to put my daughter on the bus one of the other moms was walking her little one to the bus with her two year old lagging behind them screaming at the top of his lungs. I smiled, I remember those days.

They were hard! But we survived them intact and have wonderfully respectful children today because of it. When Mom got up to Anna and I, I praised her for sticking to her “mommy guns” and not letting him win the argument through screaming. She gave me a forlorn exhausted look and sighed, “Thank You”. Why was he screaming you ask? He didn’t want to put his coat on in the 50 degree chill of the morning. We got our kiddos on the bus, with the two-year-old terrorist howling the entire time. I laughed a knowing laugh on my way back into the house, picked up my phone and sent my neighbor a text of congratulations for hanging in there and not giving in to him. The rest of her day would have been so much worse if she had let him win. And she thanked me for encouraging her in her moment of weakness. She said if I hadn’t been there she might have caved. And then it hit me, that is PRECISELY what I feel we can learn from Jeremiah today too. In Today’s Word of the Day he was put under tremendous pressure, the threat of death, to cave and relent on the message that he had been sent to deliver. But he didn’t, he stood his ground and would not cave against the pressure they were putting against him.

God has called each and every one of us to DO something, it’s part of being on this Earth. He may not have called you to write a daily blog, or preach to thousands, but He may have called you to care for orphaned animals in your home or tend to those precious little tiny terrorists that nip at your heels all day long trying to get their own way. Motherhood is a gift, but It’s also a calling. It’s hard and time consuming not to mention, at times, sucks your will to live right from your soul! (Trust me I’ve had my moments!)

And no matter what we’ve been called to, whether it’s tending to His little lambs, or feeding His sheep, you can bet your buttons that simply because God is the One who asked you to do it, it will have its pressure-filled moments of terror when you’ll be tempted to just throw in the towel and cave to that pressure. But you can’t!

When those two year olds get their way just one time by screaming, then they will continue to use that tactic to get their way – because it WORKED. So they will continue doing just that, screaming, every time until it stops working. It is SO MUCH EASIER as the parent to simply stand your ground than to cave into their temper tantrum because they begin to realize who the boss really is and accept that for how it will be. Satan is just like those little two-year-olds! He will stand there and scream until he is blue in the face in order to try and get his way. And we get oh so tempted to cave under his pressure. But we CAN’T because if we do, then it will just be harder for us later on. We CAN’T CAVE. We have to remember in those moments who the boss really is. He may be the ruler of this world, but we are the Children of the King of kings and Lord of lords! WE are seated beside Jesus in heavenly places, not Satan. Jesus has taken the keys to Hell; Satan doesn’t hold that kind of authority anymore. WE DO!

Those tiny terrorists can’t steal our peace. Not if we don’t let them!

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