Rainbows and Alabaster Boxes

Genesis 6:1-11:9

“Yes, this rainbow is the sign of the covenant I am confirming with all the creatures on earth.” Genesis 9:17

I spent the day cleaning my desk today. I’m really trying to get organized in the hopes that it’ll help me get more accomplished in a day… we’ll see…

Anyway, in my sorting of pile after pile today I came across two things I just had to share with you. And while only one of them directly pertains to today’s Word of the Day, the other one certainly conveys the message God has given me to share with you today… and every day for that matter. 😉 He loves YOU!

  1. This is a picture that Anna painted for me awhile back when she was out camping with Grandma and Grandpa. I absolutely LOVE the colors in this one, they just make me happy. I have the original on my desk and a digital copy on my desktop so I see them ALL the time to remind me of God’s promises and how He ALWAYS keeps them.

  2. Is a piece I wrote on the woman with the alabaster box from Luke 7:36-50:

The alabaster box they refer to in the story is something that the women of that day would save an entire year’s salary to buy. They contained special perfumed oil for their wedding day. This particular box however was most likely paid for through prostitution. Every time she turned a trick she lost a piece of her soul and they went into that box. And now here she is at Jesus’ feet pouring it out on a man she barely knows. Why? Because He gave her her soul back – forgiven, whole, mended and NEW! She suddenly had real hope for her future, hope she hadn’t had before that. Jesus was, the first man to see HER and love who she is. Not her body or what she could do for Him, He loved HER, the woman she was inside.


Jesus loves YOU, the woman you are inside, that secret person that no one else gets to see all of, ever. That secret person, who isn’t perfect and doesn’t have it all together; that’s the person Jesus loves, because that’s the person who needs a Savior. Jesus loves YOU for YOU. Jesus loves you, not for what you can do or what you can say or how much money you can make or donate. No Jesus loves the you that is weak and frail and cries at the drop of a hat. He loves the you that tries to be strong but can’t quite keep up the rouse. He loves the you that wakes up with bed-tussled hair, no makeup and stumbles to the coffeepot in the morning. He loves the dark-sided under-belly that rages inside and cries out for forgiveness that your conscience isn’t willing to grant. But He is willing. And Jesus is able; because He really IS that good. He is willing to forgive you once and for ALL, are you willing to receive His forgiveness? Are you willing to forgive yourself?

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