Acacia Wood

Exodus 25:10-28:29

“Have the people make the ark out of acacia wood” Exodus 25:10

“Then make a table of acacia wood” Exodus 25:23

“For the framework of the Tabernacle, construct frames of acacia wood.” Exodus 26:15

“Make crossbars of acacia wood to link the frames,” Exodus 26:26

“Using Acacia wood, construct a square altar 7 ½ feet wide…” Exodus 27:1

“For carrying the altar make poles made of acacia wood” Exodus 27:6

So, is it just me, or do you think that maybe… just maybe God wanted to make a point with the material used to construct the Tabernacle? I sense some sort of a running theme here, don’t you? Perhaps we should investigate a bit further. Shall we?

A preliminary Google search turned up this strikingly beautiful picture:

And a Wikipedia entry that explained that the Acacia tree is a thorn tree with some seriously wonderful medicinal benefits. Its bark contains a high level of tannins which have a critical role in the ripening of fruit or the aging of wine. They can also been found in red grape juice and red wines, it’s the stuff that gives you that dry “puckery” mouth-feel when drinking them. Tannins have proven highly beneficial in many ways. They’ve proven to have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-parasitic effects! The Acacia tree most likely to have been used in the construction of the Tabernacle was the Acacia Seyal which is a thorny tree that tends to grow between 20 and 30 feet high! But here’s the part that I think you may have been waiting for, it is also highly likely that the crown of thorns that Jesus wore at the cross came from none other than the Acacia tree!

The very same tree used in the construction of so many of the articles in the Tabernacle, is the same tree that provided the thorns that pierced our Savior’s brow. Coincidence? I highly doubt it! To walk into that Tabernacle and see the ark and the table, the framework of the entire building! Even the crossbars and the altar and the poles made to carry the ark and the altar were all made of the very same wood that would sit upon Christ’s head as a crown of the shame He was bearing for us. EVERYTHING in that Tabernacle screamed the name of Jesus from the rooftops to the dust on the floor. It all said, “This is temporary, but the Eternal is coming and He will tabernacle with you in ways you could never imagine now. This Tabernacle is a symbol, a prophecy of what is to come – and it’s BEAUTIFUL!”

All that, from one tree.


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4 thoughts on “Acacia Wood

  1. Tim Johnson

    Tamar: Thank You for this posting I never thought of the Acacia and Jesus bearing our sins on the Cross, what a nice analogy! The significance of Acacia in the old testament is also insightful.

  2. Brenda J. Milthaler

    Tamar: Once again, you have brought to light something I have missed for years. This is a very powerful post. Thank you for showing us this day as well as continuing to share the Word of God with us regularly.

    • I’m glad to hear that it was powerful. I wrote it at midnight with a SPLITTING headache after an 8hr shift at work. So I really felt like I did a poor job writing it and making it impactful. But I guess, ultimately, that’s not my job it’s the Holy Spirit’s and He always does HIS job! 😀

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