My Hero on a White Horse

Revelation 19:11-22:21

“Then I saw heaven opened and behold a white horse! The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war.” Revelation 19:11

For as long as I can remember the pinnacle of any romance scene was the damsel in distress, helpless to gain freedom from captivity under her own power. Then in rides her hero to save the day. In the older movies there would be a horse involved. In the newer movies it’s often an iron horse. But either way, sitting upon that horse would be the hero, the one who held the key to her heart and her freedom.

Many times the story goes that the enemy really couldn’t have cared less about the girl, but he knows that the hero would do anything to see his precious Beloved safely out of the clutches of His evil nemesis. The enemy capitalizes on this fact day in and day out all the while chuckling with his maniacal laugh. Never realizing that the traps he is setting for our hero will inevitably, and usually comically, spring back on the one who set them; gaining our hero victory over the enemy and access to his Beloved Bride.

Who is laughing now?

We see the final scene with our hero embracing his Beloved, the sunset over their shoulders casting them in back-lit shadow, you see them kiss as they fade to black, while overtop you can hear the moans of the fallen enemy as he is led off by the police to his prison cell where he will stay for a thousand years.

Any of this sounding familiar? It’s the end of about every movie known to man; at least most of the ones I’ve ever seen anyway. You know why they all end that way? Because we like watching it happen over and over and over again. Simply put, we’re all that Beloved girl who is trapped with no hope of escape. We’re that damsel in struggling distress praying for our hero on a white horse to ride in and save the day. Our day. We’re the ones in constant need of salvation from a Savior who is willing to give His very life for His Beloved Bride. We’re the ones who need that. We’re the ones laying our heads down on tear-stained pillows praying for the ache to cease, for the pain to lift from our hearts, for our heads to forget a past that continues to chase us down and a present that just won’t let up. We’re the ones who smile through loss and tell everyone we’re fine effectively shutting our doors and throwing away the proverbial key.

There’s only One whose light can penetrate that kind of darkness.


Jesus is the rider of that white horse. His name is Faithful and True (Jesus, not the horse) and He is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Jesus is the true hero of our story. He is the only hero of any story to be fully faithful to His Beloved, totally Truthful to her at all times. He is the only hero with the ability to promise her salvation and then actually deliver it fully. He is the only hero so wise as to lure Satan into his own traps. The traps that were meant to kill Jesus the man, and did; only to then have Satan realize three days later that there is no killing Him because He is not just... a man.

Oh my friend, there is no hero like my Jesus. There is no God like my God. There is no savior like my Savior. Isn’t it glorious to remember how heroic He is? Doesn’t it just fill your soul with light and laughter?

Say it aloud with me, “Jesus loves ME”!

It’s the TRUTH. He is faithful. He does not forget promises. He does not lose track of time. He does not misplace His keys. He KNOWS you and He sees you in your trouble and desperate need. He is coming, soon and very soon, He is coming. And He’s coming for YOU. He will save you. He will embrace you and kiss you with a backlit sunset shadow kiss. And you will hear the clank of the Enemy’s chains as he is led off to his eternal prison where HE WILL PAY for his crimes against the Bride of Christ for all of eternity with fire and torture.




It’s HERE!!!! 😀 My very own personalized notebook for writing through the Bible in a year is here just in time to finish the last MONTH of the project right! LOL. Maybe I’ll make more for the beginning when we start over in June. 😉 If you want one for yourself they’re available here.


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