Earthshaking Love

Revelation 15:1-19:10

“Blessed are those who are invited to the marriage supper of the Lamb.” Revelation 19:9

Picking a verse today was hard. Actually, picking a verse this week has been hard. Reading Revelation is hard, but we’re getting through it aren’t we. I’ve always had a hard time reading Revelation, perhaps because I know it’s Truth. It’s a Truth that makes me cringe in fear. 100 pound hailstones? Plagues? And an earthquake so large it splits an entire city into three parts? Eep!!! But this is part of the Bible too. What does it say at the beginning of this book? “Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear, and who keep what is written in it, for the time is near.” Revelation 1:3

Lord, help me. I’m weak and frail and scared. I need You!

“My child. You’re TIRED. Rest and allow Me to work things out in your favor. Lie down and sleep for I alone make you dwell in safety. The laborers labor in vain if they do not follow My instructions. Here, lie down in this green pasture and sip on this still water and watch Me work. I am preparing a table for you, the likes of which you have NEVER seen! And I am so excited to share it with you in the presence of your enemies!

I love you SO much! You have no idea of the lengths of my love for YOU. You jump through hoops and perform your duties for Me but that’s nothing compared to the wonders I am preparing for you. Just for you. There are things I have prepared for you today that are so enormous, and yet you will be the only one to see them. There are things that I have prepared for you today that will blow your mind and you will be the only one to witness them. Why? Because while I love the whole world, I have an intimate relationship with YOU. You have spent time in My Word and that’s special to Me. You’ve spent time in conversation with Me and that means something to Me, that touches My heart and I want to touch yours. I want for you to feel My presence and My tremendous love for you. I want you to know I care. I want you to know that I see YOU and I hear YOU. I want you to know that YOU matter to me, a LOT. I want to move your mountains for you. I want you to see them crumble at your feet. Not because you’ve done something to earn it or because you took a jackhammer to it, but simply because I love you and I want to help you.

In today’s Word of the Day, I shook the earth so fiercely EVERY mountain fell. I can do that for you. I want to do that for you and I will – if you let Me.

Your fear of the shaking holds Me back. Do you not realize the point of the shaking? Yes, your world is being fiercely shaken at the moment, and in your heart of hearts you know it’s a good thing. Yet you’re having trouble letting go of the pain and fear. Why? Do you not trust My judgment? Do you not trust My goodness? Do you not remember My promises to tend you and care for you? You did not commit yourself to an unfeeling God, who is cold and unloving. Cast ALL of your anxieties upon Me because I CARE FOR YOU!

I love you!

I am a Good Father and the Good Shepherd, I will provide for all your needs. In times of drought or famine, doubt and fear, I will lead you on the good path for My name’s sake. You have not given your eternal soul to someone who does not recognize the sacrifices you’ve made and the cost you’ve paid to follow Me. I’ve seen your pains. I’ve seen your obedience in spite of everything. I’ve seen it and will NOT forget it My love. You matter to Me. I see you. I have NOT forgotten you My dear. You are special to Me. You are not lost, though Satan tries to make you feel that way. I found you, long before you were ever born. Long before you ever took your first breath your name was in My book. Your face was on My mind, your beautiful form before My eyes.

I love you.

My darling, My bride, My friend.

I love you.

It’s going to be OK.”

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