Always the Carpenter

This winter I dropped my precious camera and broke it while taking pictures of an icicle that had formed over our Christmas lights.  Since then I have been begging God for a nicer newer one, you know, so I can take *better* pictures of course.  My lovely friend Jennifer let me borrow her camera for a time, which helped me cope with my loss, but it just wasn’t the same. My camera is my lifeline to the absolute breathtaking beauty of God and without it I have seriously lost something very special in my life. I can hardly begin to describe the absolute thrill of the hunt for that shot that captures the beauty of God’s artwork.





Anyway, so a month or two ago Jennifer needed her camera back and I was left alone with Mr camera phone. Not terribly professional looking or exciting, but God wasn’t seeming to provide anything else soooo I had to make due.
My daughter picked one of the wild violets out of our yard and brought it to me while I was sitting under a tree reading. The lighting was delicious, the flower was so lovely and the gesture so sweet I just had to take a picture, real camera our not. I grabbed my phone And this is what came out:


That’s when God started getting through to me. Maybe it’s not the camera that takes the pictures, but the person behind it! Maybe there really is a gifting here that can’t hide behind fancy technology and expensive editing software because with those things He doesn’t get any credit. But take all those things away and the only thing left is Him! I have often said that He is the one who creates the picture I just stand there and push the button. And over the last few months He has really proven that to be true.


It seems to me that this isn’t the only area of my life where God has been doing this for me either. Little by little he seems to be shaving things away, carving me into this new and improved version of who I’ve always been. 


I heard that Michelangelo said God had the statue of David already in the rock all he did was uncover it. That’s kinda how I feel right now, like this person I am now has always been there inside just waiting to be uncovered. And it makes me wonder how I will continue to change as God continues to carve away pieces, and sand away the rough spots in me. Although man plans the way, the LORD guides his steps.  (Proverbs 16:9)


And OH the plans that He has for us if we were to just let go and let God do His thing!

(P.S. Every picture in this post is from my phone.)

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2 thoughts on “Always the Carpenter

  1. Love the photos. I can’t imagine trying to explain to my grandma how I took a picture with a phone!
    My favorite is the last one – it’s one of my favorite verses, too. Thanks for the beautiful photography.

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