One Woman’s Testimony

Every morning…Ok, well, not every morning, I read a section of my Bible in an attempt to read through the entire Bible in a year (alphabetically no less, it makes things interesting). On this morning as I’ve been thinking about what our next memory verse could be I was reading in the fourth chapter of John. And while this is not the first time I’ve read this chapter, the story was still new to me this morning because of this article.

I am so honored to be writing for this paper my friends! I still catch myself shaking my head in amazement that this is really happening to me; God has been so good to me over the years. You see, I have been through some “stuff” and every single step of the way Jesus has been there with me holding my hand and telling me that we can get through this together. It has built up our relationship in incredible ways that I have just had to share with people. And yet, finding people to tell was difficult. I mean, have you ever had something so absolutely amazing happen to you that you literally wanted to tell the “whole world”? And what you end up doing is telling your whole world.

That’s what happened to the woman at the well in John chapter four. She met Jesus, the Messiah that everyone had talked about and been waiting for since the beginning of time and here He was sitting at her town well! Talking to HER! She had been through some “stuff” and here was this guy she had never met before telling her all about it and saying something about giving her living water. She was so excited about this experience with Jesus that she turned and ran back to town to tell everyone she could find. And you know what the scriptures say happened? “Many Samaritans from that town believed in Him because of the woman’s testimony.” (Jn 4:39)

Did you catch that? Her testimony caused many of her friends (and maybe even some frienemies) to believe in Jesus! One small seemingly insignificant woman changed an entire town because of one experience with Jesus. Two weeks ago I ended my article with a verse from Revelation “And they conquered [the accuser] by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony” and I encouraged you to go on this journey of memorizing scripture with me. Then I asked you to log onto my website and share your stories of Jesus in your own life. Now, while you don’t have to tell your story to me, you do need to share your stories with someone, anyone! You never know what that one little story could do! It very well could just change an entire town!

I would LOVE to hear your testimony; whether in person or on my website (

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One thought on “One Woman’s Testimony

  1. Brenda J. Milthaler

    Hi Tamar:

    I share the testimonies God give me with you on the phone or in person. Good to see Revelation…. Also, God did this today – have a special order item not in stock so I don’t have to place/pay for an order this week, had a credit memo post today so that I had to pay less than $100 rather than more than $200, had another special order that was backordered come available today which will be over a $200 payment (and she always pays with cash or check). Right now we are less than $20.00 from an increase, and we had 4 hours to close when that happened.

    Yes…God is showing me in myriads of ways that He is providing the funds to pay the mortgage and the advertising.

    I know that you know this…HE IS SO WONDERFUL AND MOST WORTHY OF OUR PRAISE!!!

    Thanks for posting.

    With Love,

    In Christ,


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