Today’s reading: Genesis 42:18-45:15
The other day I was driving in my car praying and asking God why He wasn’t giving me the sign I had asked for that what I had been believing him for would happen. Gideon got his sign, why not me? Then a story came on the radio that perfectly answered my question.
They were talking about how this Olympics had been the Twitter Olympics, if you’re plugged into the internet during the day you generally know the results of the competitions before they show them at night on TV.  One DJ was sharing about his kids and how they had been watching the games the night before until midnight, sitting on the edges of their seats anxiously awaiting to see what would happen, who would win. Then they would jump up and down and scream when the US would win…just like their father knew they would. He had seen the results online already. And the other DJ asked him “you didn’t tell them who won?” He responded “No way! I wanted them to go through it and be surprised!”

Are you believing God for something? Don’t you want to be surprised? Can you just imagine God sitting up in heaven watching you, waiting for your own response to His plan and how it will all unfold so perfectly. Waiting to jump up in celebration with you when it does work out. Perfectly.
As much as I want to know how He is going to work things out for me, like He always does, if He wants me to be surprised, then I want to be surprised too. The anticipation may about kill me, but I know it will be worth it. And sooooooo much more exciting when it does happen.
God is good, all the time.

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