The Return Home

Today’s Reading: Ezekiel 28:11-30:26

Monday morning dawned gloomy and dark after a storm had passed over the fairgrounds during the wee morning hours. We emerged from Rover surprisingly well rested and almost ready to hit the road for another day-long journey home. We quickly dressed and then dined on a breakfast of cold cereal with milk so that the packing could get underway. As Sean bustled around the trailer packing all the outdoor things away I was inside Rover getting all the inside things set in order and ready to roll. At one point I simply had to stop the bustle of packing and sit down on the couch due to the overwhelming thought of the consequences of those five Bibles. Salvation to five or more lost souls. It was absolutely incredible! The thought had no more than drifted through my brain when a white dog passed by our RV. Now, if you don’t know much about Biblical symbolism then that may not mean very much to you. However, I’ve spent quite a bit of time researching and learning it and so a white dog passing by meant a LOT to me.

You see the same God that gave Joseph his dreams, gives you and I our dreams. The same God that gave Daniel visions is more than willing to give us visions. And the same God who wrote the Bible, a book FILLED with stories and symbolism is in the process of writing our lives as well; equally filled with symbolism if we would just open our eyes and become receptive to His messages surrounding us everyday. I began learning these symbols through a dream interpretation book. I had been having vivid dreams for a while and was prompted by the Holy Spirit to buy this particular book in order to understand what God was trying to tell me through these dreams. The symbols in Christian dream interpretation are based on Biblical symbols. Again, God is the author of both the Bible and your dreams so He will use the same symbols. And being the gracious God that He is, He has placed every symbol’s meaning within the text of the Bible, when in doubt go to and type in your object of question and the first mention of it in the Bible should give you some clue as to its meaning. However, ALWAYS pray and ask God for the meaning and for the Holy Spirit to reveal it to you. And He will. God is always speaking to us and He LOVES when we actually listen. Ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened unto you, seek and you shall find, God LOVES when we seek Him and His will in our lives. So, anyway, back to the dog.

As this white Labrador walked past our RV it immediately caught my attention because dogs are a symbol of unbelievers (Revelation 22:15), and that was who we had spent every penny to come and serve! I stood up and went to the open door so that I could just watch this dog. He walked along the riverside nosing his way through abandoned campsites looking for leftovers for his own breakfast. He had a blue collar on with tags, but no leash and no owner was in sight. I sat down on the step to continue watching him when another dog came around the rear of the RV and put his nose in my lap!!! He startled me, but I immediately recognized him as one of the dogs I had met earlier in the weekend. He belonged to one of the show’s promoters so I was really unconcerned about him. He was an incredibly sweet and docile brindle colored boxer. But something was missing from the last time I had seen him. This time he wasn’t on a leash! And neither was the white dog! No leashes, nothing on their collars to hold them back from loving God and restraining them from knowing Him intimately just like I had prayed that the unbelievers would! Thank You Jesus for answered prayers!!! I jumped up and went around to the trailer to tell Sean what God had just let me know. I explained to him how in the Bible dogs are a symbol of people who haven’t accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior yet, and how I was sitting there thinking about those five Bibles and how they could mean salvation to these lost souls, and then BAM, two dogs without leashes. They were roaming free and unhindered, just like when we accept Christ He sets us free and we are no longer hindered by sin and shame and can now have an intimate personal relationship with the One who loves us the most in this whole world and the next. Two free dogs equals two free souls!!! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Sean didn’t seem quite as excited as I was, well, or maybe he was, he just doesn’t show it like I do, If I was overwhelmed by the possibility of our sacrifices saving one soul before I saw the dogs, now I was completely overwhelmed by what had just transpired. I again sat on the couch, allowing it to hold me up because I certainly couldn’t do it anymore, and this time I wept. Sobs of joy and gratitude flowed down my cheeks accompanied by the catches in my throat making it hard for me to breath. My son came in and concerned for my welfare asked “Mommy, what’s wrong??” And unable to answer for myself, my Beloved husband answered him for me (I love how he knows me so well). “She’s OK Buddy, she’s just happy. Mommy cries a lot.”

I have to wonder, is anyone else out there like me, when you get to that point of such overwhelming happy gratitude that all you can do is cry? Or laugh? God is so amazing that in His infinite abilities and power He chooses to set all that aside to allow US, imperfect and powerless us to be part of His salvation scheme! He is such a loving God!

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