Green Pasture

Today’s Reading: Ezekiel 10:1-13:23

Oh Lord! How my soul pants for You like a deer pants for the water. You truly are the Living Water. It has been days since I’ve cracked my Bible or put pen to paper yet here I find myself desperate for Your touch, longing to feel the sweet whisper of your breath breeze over the flesh of my heart. Although, true to Your promise, You haven’t moved or left me, I have been distracted. I have been busy. Excitedly preparing for the future I think You have planned for me… and You’ve brought me here to our now lush green back yard (five years in the making) and literally made me lie down in the green pasture You’ve prepared for me. So here I lie, belly down in the tender spring grass with the wind whispering through my hair and the scent of clover tickles my nostrils with the sweet smell of summer nearing. The sound of babe chicks chirping in sleep trickles down from the nested trees above me. My children race through the neighbor’s empty yard in an attempt to achieve flight with their new kite. Life is chaos, all crazy and busy and torn to pieces with errands and money and stress. Yet here, belly down in green its slow, the breeze is calm, the sun hot against my still winter-pale skin. Here in the times when Your Spirit is strong within me beckoning to stop and smell the roses, to live in the moment, here there is no chaos, there is no crazy there is no torn, there is only You and me and sun and breeze.

Lord why do I fight the calm? Why do I resist the peace? Why do I embrace the chaos and feast on laboring? Why do I make things so hard? Why can’t I Just trust You to take care of things… You always do. I love You Papa.

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