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Toothless Tiger (small Hunger Games spoiler alert!)


(If you want to skip the spoiler, go straight to paragraph 2.)
This Memorial Day, I have taken the rare opportunity to immerse myself in fiction. I have spent the majority of this day in the world of Panem fighting the Capitol with Katniss Everdeen a.k.a the Mockingjay. She’s the face of a rebellion against the slavery that has been enforced by the Capitol for 75 years. The Capitol has taken absolutely everything she holds dear. Her family, her friends, her home they have turned them upside down. They have even succeeded at turning the man she loves against her to the point that he sees her as an absolute threat that must be killed. The Capitol has brainwashed him to the point that he really believes she is the one who killed his family and friends, not them.
This is where I am the books, blown away by the mind control of the enemy. In these books, the Capitol has used the people’s TVs to convince them of their impotence against the Capitol. They’ve used the Hunger Games to force the people of Panem into constant submissive fear. They fear the Capitol’s Police Force, their children’s names getting picked for the games, never having a full belly. And as I read I can’t help but think of the mind games Satan plays on us. The strings he pulls to make afraid to leave our homes, afraid to take that crucial step toward freedom. He crouches at the doorway like a roaring lion, a toothless Tiger as harmless as a kitten playing with a ball of string. Yes he still looks ferocious and terrifying enough to keep us from taking that step towards rebellion and freedom.
Will there be a battle to gain that freedom? Absolutely! But there’s already been one, on the cross at Calvery. We need only to step up and claim that victory as our own. We have to gather together the courage to take that step toward freedom. That’s the one thing He can’t do for us. He won’t force us to accept His gift of salvation. Neither does He force us to claim his victory as our own. He simply waits patiently on the other side of the door, encouraging us to take that step. Willing us to believe Him and His words of Truth over the Toothless Tiger’s.
Honestly I think that is what Jesus longs for more than anything else, for us to believe Him. Not just in Him, but to believe Him. To trust His Word, His Spirit’s leading and comforting us every step of the way. To believe the life-giving truth that Jesus loves us, I mean really loves you … personally. And that everything He did, does and will do is completely out of an intimate love for you.
That my friends, is the stuff rebellion is made of. It started  at the cross and hasn’t stopped since. Rebellion against Satan. And the weapon we weild is a weapon of Love and Truth.
Jesus loves you.
Take a step through that door past the kitten and into His arms – you will never regret it.
Not ever.

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