New Horizons in My Career

Today I am SO GRATEFUL for a job where I can work from home! I’m having a Hashimoto’s flare up, everything hurts and I just feel crummy and exhausted from being at a conference for the past two days.
The conference was great, my team is great, and my new school is great. While before, teaching at a brick & mortar school, I would’ve just powered through, gone to school anyway, and made my condition worse. Today, because I teach online, I can wear my comfy clothes while I work at home, perhaps on the couch with ice/heat packs instead of at my desk.
My most impactful moment of the conference was when we read letter after letter after letter, by student after student after student detailing why going to Indiana Digital Learning School (INDLS) was good for them. The prevailing message from all of them was the feeling like they just didn’t belong in traditional public school. Some of them were escaping bullies, some were escaping school violence, some had been kicked out for behavior, others needed the option due to medical conditions. The prevailing message from ALL of the letters was their gratitude for this place where they finally feel like they belong. I am right there with them today! I am feeling so very blessed to get to be part of this amazing (and huge) team of educators who make these kids feel accepted and welcome and loved every day in a true judgement free zone.
In digital school kids don’t see each other’s faces, or clothes, or expensive name brand vs ratty handed down shoes. They, instead, see each other’s hearts and minds. Those that are here escaping the bully, are here with the bullies that got kicked out! They haven’t escaped them at all. HOWEVER, because of the digital interface they both come together not realizing that in traditional public school they never would’ve gotten along because of their physical differences, or idiosyncratic differences. But here, they get along and actually like each other because the focus isn’t on those things, it’s on the text on the screen, the voice in their ear. All the things that separated them before have been stripped away and all that’s left is the truth that they’re not so different after all!
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