Forever in Ink

Jeremiah 19:1-22:30

“But if I say I’ll never mention the LORD or speak His name, His word burns in my heart like a fire. It’s like a fire in my bones! I am worn out trying to hold it in! I can’t do it! The LORD stands beside me like a great warrior. Before Him my persecutors will stumble. They cannot defeat me.” Jeremiah 20:9&11

I can not think of a verse that speaks more truth about my life and ministry than these two verses right here! I can’t remember a day when I didn’t have a Bible in my room reading it. I’ve always been connected to the Word of God. It’s always been an umbilical cord connecting me to the lifeblood of my Savior. It has ALWAYS been a constant guide and source of comfort for me. On THE worst days of my life I knew that no matter how horrible life was at that moment I would find solace between those covers of love. I knew that even when the friends outside those pages weren’t proving very reliable, the friend inside those pages would never leave me, forsake me, or call me names that hurt.

Throughout my life I’ve had two constant passions, a passion for teaching and my friend Jesus. Strangely enough, it wasn’t until the last five years that those two passions collided to form what we now know and love as Tamar Ministries (aka And the way that God made that happen is such a wonder to me! In the Spring of 2009 a long-dormant hunger for writing re-awakened in me. It didn’t matter if it was a list for groceries or a note to a teacher I was hungry to write like I’d never been before and I couldn’t explain it or tame it. Nor did I wish to, I wanted to use it! The opportunity presented itself most brilliantly through one of the most difficult moments of my life followed by one of the longest months in history! A month that I FILLED with research and journaling that later became the book of my birth as an author and our family into ministry: True Intimacy Challenge.

That one day changed my entire life forever. That day that was so difficult turned into something more beautiful than I EVER could have imagined at that very moment. I suddenly had a direction for that writing itch to take and I took it! At the tip of a pen I took that itch and I’ve been scratching it ever since. God’s Word flows through me like ink flows through a pen, and when I try to stop it up and hold it in it burns like fire in my bones! I can’t do it! I can’t stop, nor do I want to. This fire inside me burns with an insatiable passion to get the word out that Jesus loves YOU. It drives me and directs me in ways that I never expected. Ways that haven’t always been pleasant, but have always been good… eventually.

To date we have created 21 printed and digital materials for purchase, all focused on teaching people to know Jesus more through His Word. Why? Well, I tell people that one of the best ways to get to know me is to read what I write because it is where I am the most honest, vulnerable and open. I put my heart; beating, bleeding, wounded and worn, right out there on the page for all to see. Would the same not also be true about God? He is the true author of all 66 of those books in the Bible, reading them helps us know Him better. And if I can encourage people to peek between those covers, even for the briefest of moments, so that they too might glimpse the naked beauty of a Creator Savior then I’m going to do whatever I can to make that happen for them; even if that means forever recording my life in ink.

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