You Are

Jeremiah 6:1-8:17

“They cling tightly to their lies and will not turn around.” Jeremiah 8:5


I know that there are lies in my life to which I have clung relentlessly. Lies that have done nothing but hurt me mortally and yet, I’ve clung to them without daring to let go for fear of change or pain or harm. And yet by clinging to them I’ve done nothing but cause myself pain and harm which causes fear. Lord, I’m not sure what lies I’m clinging to right now, but I’m sure there’s at least one. Father I beg you to free me from that/those lies by releasing Your absolute truth into my life right now. I know that while Satan is the Father of Lies, You are the Father of Light. You are the One of whom it is said, “it is impossible for Him to lie.” Lord I am desperate for the Light of Your Truth right now. I desire it more than gold or diamonds. I need Your Truth to light the way to peace and salvation. I need to cling to Your Word, rather than his lies. His lies destroy but Your Truth builds up. Your Truth embodies Life and Peace and Passion. Your Truth is Grace and Mercy and Love. Your Truth is Love never ending, never failing, never quitting, and it never falls short when we need it the most. Lord I need that Love to hold me up right now and let me know that no matter comes next, You’re there to hold me through it.

I feel change on the horizon and I fear it. I beg for it to be a good change and yet I know that even good changes are difficult to deal with. Please help me to survive this! I know that sounds so silly to You, of course I will survive it – You’re with me. And yet that lump in my throat that threatens to choke the life from me betrays any bravado I would so love to portray at the moment. And I thank You, the everlasting, that I don’t have to portray any kind of bravado before You! I don’t have to be strong for You. I don’t have to be brave for You. It is before You that I can be weak and afraid and vulnerable and SAFE. It is in Your very arms that I find my safety and security from my weak-willed fears. Thank You for that.

Thank You for calling me to, “Come and be still” in order to know that YOU are God.

Thank You for calling me to know that You ARE God!

Lord Jesus, Thank You for calling me to know that You are GOD!

You are my Beloved, You are my portion and my prize. You are my provider and my healer, my counselor and my guide. You are my purpose, you are my song. You are my lover, you are my peace. You are my refuge when I am weary. You are my consolation when I am despondent.

You are THE I am.

You are MY I am.

Lord, when my entire world begins its chaotic spinning around me, You are The Anchor for my soul. You are the fixed point in the horizon when I am sick of this sea of tossing emotions. You are GOD and I am NOT and I PRAISE You for that!

Lord, I praise You! For I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and I know that well.

Lord, I thank You for all that You are to me!

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