Palm Trees?

Ezekiel 39:1-41:26

“This gateway also had a stairway of seven steps leading up to it, and an entry room at the inner end, and palm tree decorations along the dividing walls.” Ezekiel 40:26

In Chapters 40 and 41 you’ll find a description of the temple that God showed Ezekiel. In these chapters you will read many many measurements and exact dimensions for the temple, but as I was reading one thing stood out. In several places it mentions a specific decoration. Nowhere in the rest of all the details of this particular temple (in today’s reading at least) is there any other mention of any of the decorations, just this one. Palm trees.

By the time I got to the third or fourth mention of these palm tree decorations I couldn’t take it anymore and I stopped reading and prayed, “Lord, what’s the deal with the palm trees? Why mention them?”

“It’s an oasis. My Temple is to be an oasis in the wilderness; a place to find shade and rest, comfort and resources. The palm tree provides food and often lets travelers know where they might find water. Are you an oasis? I live in you, you are My Temple. Are you an oasis for those around you? Are you a breath of fresh air for the weary? Can those in the wilderness find shade and rest under your branches? You are blessed in order to be a blessing, follow My lead and go be a blessing to someone today My Beloved one. ;)”

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