God Help Us

2 Chronicles 16:1-20:23

“O our God, won’t You stop them? We are powerless against this mighty army that is about to attack us. We do not know what to do, but we are looking to You for help.” 2 Chronicles 20:12

My spirit is struggling with my soul at the moment. I’ve just been perusing my Facebook feed and I’m about to cry. Almost five years ago Sean and I made a discovery. We discovered the consequences of sexual sin. We spent two and a half years researching and writing a book about that discovery. And with that knowledge I look around me at the world today and I want to weep. There are SO MANY people out there cursing themselves and they don’t even care. And the saddest part is, as much as I want to say something to them about it, it wouldn’t do any good because they refuse to listen to reason.

My spirit weeps at the complete and total devastation of these souls, of these people’s lives that they could have if they would but open their hearts to their forgiven state. Jesus LOVES them and yet they don’t care. I cry for the people out there that think sexual immorality is “no big deal” when in fact it is the BIGGEST deal of all. Satan is lying to them and they don’t even know it. But if the truth is told to them, they throw their hands up in defense and don’t want to hear it. Lord, we love them and want to help them, but we don’t know how! We want to help them, to tell them that what they’re doing is wrong but they just call us religious zealots and they shove us away. We want to help them find Your loving arms, but they want nothing to do with them because they think that You condemn them for their actions when in reality You FREE them from their actions.

Papa, I want to help them know You more but I don’t know how. I don’t know how to relate to them. Our views are so different! They think I’m judgmental and condemning when I’m not like that at all! They don’t understand that I’m against their actions because I LOVE them! Lord, please open their eyes to the TRUTH! Please remove the wool that Satan has placed over their heads to keep them from realizing the folly of their ways. Lord I’m so tired of living in a society that condones all kinds of sexual immorality and the murder of babies, but frowns upon anyone reminding them that those things are wrong. Darkness hates the light, and this world has gotten very very dark. Sure there are some brilliantly bright spots in it, but it seems like even those bright spots might not be as bright as they could be.

Lord, if seeing this sin pains me this much, how much more must it pain You to watch us doing things that You know will come back to bite us in the end? If I love them this much and it hurts me this much, how much more does it hurt You??? How much longer will You let this go on before You step in and do something? At what point did you step in and stop the people of Sodom and Gommorah? I’ve heard it said that you spared Lot from the destruction of Sodom and Gommorah because he was a godly man, raised in Your ways, and that the sin he saw every day must have pained him as well. I’m not suggesting You rain fire down upon the Earth the way you did then. It’d be great if You could fix things with us like you did with Ninevah and send a prophet to come and set everyone straight. Buuut, I’m not so sure that they will listen to anything we have to say. We’ve been over that already in this post. Lord, I have such a limited imagination when it comes to fixing this world. But You, You can do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ask or imagine. YOU can fix this. You can make things right around here again. You can do it!

And I guess maybe that’s how I can help You, I can pray. I can pray for the lost and the confused. I can love them with everything I have in me. I can hold my tongue instead of speaking my mind and I can speak my mind instead of holding my tongue. Just telling them it’s wrong isn’t going to do the trick, obviously. But maybe telling them You love them just might. Lord help me to love them, even though it hurts. Help me to see them the way You see them and to entrust them to Your care. Your Spirit is mighty and powerful and able to do so much more than we can. Your Spirit keeps sin in check and I’m praying for that today! Lord please send out Your legions of angels to help these lost souls find their way home away from the cliff they’re heading toward! Help them to understand that what they’re doing is wrong, not because the religious screamers say so, but because they’re hurting themselves! Sex is sacred. It’s special and amazingly spiritual and so many people DO NOT get that. They don’t understand what they’re doing to themselves and to each other and it breaks my heart. Lord please, heal our land.

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