The Right Thing to Do

1 Chronicles 12:1-15:29

“The whole assembly agreed to this, for the people could see it was the right thing to do.” 1 Chronicles 13:4

This morning I woke up, kissed my husband and said sleepily, “Happy Anniversary Baby.” Fourteen years ago today history was made. Two high school sweethearts got married and became an official team for life.

They didn’t have it easy;

they were young and naïve and got into plenty of trouble along the way. But they did it together. Throughout those fourteen years their family grew

and grew

and grew.

In the first seven years together they moved FOUR times. But these last seven years have all taken place in the same place, a place they call HOME. It’s a place where life has happened, over and over and over again. Mistakes have been made, plans have been ruined and feelings have been hurt. But it’s also a place where decisions have been made, priorities have been rearranged, laughter has been ABUNDANT and love has flown from every corner and every seam. Love grows here.

Almost five years ago to the date, their marriage was tested to its limit. They were both pretty fed up with each other and wanted to quit, but couldn’t. They’d made a promise to each other and to God and they weren’t about to break that promise. But they didn’t really want to keep living the way they had been either. And that’s when things really got shaken up. I won’t go over the whole story since they kinda wrote a whole book about it True Intimacy). But I will share a chapter of that book with you today, mostly because I think it relates to today’s verse of the day.

There is usually a “right thing to do” in every situation. But many times we can’t see that “right thing” because our vision has been clouded by pain, or regret, or unforgiveness, or bitterness. But no matter what the cloud is made of, God can clear it up and help you SEE with brilliant clarity what that “right thing to do” is and He will also help you to DO IT. You see, God’s good like that. He doesn’t leave us stranded and lost looking for a way home. He comes and picks us up and guides us all the way home.

He’s good like that.

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