Seven Days Left


Titus 1:1-3:15
“To Titus, my true child in a common faith; Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior.” Titus 1:4
I’m going to do something today I haven’t done in months. I’m not going to write.
I had plans for today. Plans to rest and write most of the day. To recover from a VERY long week last week and no Sabbath rest.  Those plans were apparently only MY plans. Like many of my other plans.
I’m not sure if you can hear the sharpness in my voice but I’m really not in the best mood today, and I doubt that I’m alone in that. So although I did not get time to write, I really would have appreciated getting that time and that message.
Friends, I need prayer. I’m seven days, one measly week, from finishing the task I was given. A task that has taken me two and a half years to accomplish. And these last few feet of this race have been the hardest and most gruesome. I am exhausted from this fight and right now I need the cloud of witnesses cheering me on past the finish line. This is no sprint my friends, it’s a marathon and I’m EXHAUSTED! Sheer will power is fueling me right now. That, and YOUR PRAYERS!

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