Derby Day!


Ezekiel 39:1-41:26

Well my friends, today is another Derby Day! So I will not be writing in the reading, but instead I’d like for you to join in prayer with me for the derby.

Father God we come before You today and we thank You so much for the beautiful day that You’ve given us to spend outside with You and each other. Thank You Father God for the arena at the Indiana State Fair in which to perform and glorify You. We thank You for the ministry that You have given us to shine a light & we pray that we will do it to the best of our abilities. Lord I ask for special protective angels to come and stay at the State Fair today, especially over the drivers, over the audience, & over the officials. Lord I lift up the Bible table to you. I pray that you will have many many people walk past, see it, and stop to take Your word of life into their lives today. I pray that You touch their eyes to see You. That You would open their ears to hear You, that You would open their minds to understand Your Word and open their hearts to receive Your love for them today. I pray that You would show them Your love through us in wonderous ways today. And Lord, I pray selfishly that 7 x 70 will win the Derby.
In Jesus Name, Amen.

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