Stirred not Shaken

Exodus 35:20-38:31

“All the women whose hearts stirred them to use their skill…” Exodus 35:26

I have trained you up for THIS purpose and for THIS time. No one else is exactly like you. I have placed specific skills within you for a reason and when I stir your heart to use those skills it’s because I want to use YOU. And while it is possible for Me to use anyone else, I don’t want to use just anyone, I want to use YOU – the one I created for THIS purpose to use at THIS time. However, as always, you have the ability to tell Me, “no”. At which point I may use someone else, I may not. But either way you’ve missed out on the blessing of being a blessing.

There are things I want to use you for today; are you willing to let go of your comfort zone and your inhibitions in order to allow Me to use you to the fullest extent? I love YOU, will you let Me show you how much?

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One thought on “Stirred not Shaken

  1. Heather Trietsch

    This really Spoke to me thank you so much!

    Sent from my iPhone

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