My Dear Friend, I Need Your Help!

I’m feeling the LORD leading me to do a better job at reaching out to those in need. So, I’m contacting you today to ask for your help.

1) I am sending out ministry resume’s letting organizations of any size know that I’m available for speaking engagements. As part of this resume’ (which I will be posting on my website) I would really like to include personal testimonies of people that I have been involved with spiritually. That, I pray, has been YOU! I would GREATLY appreciate if you would reply to this email with a few words, speaking to potential clients about how my life/ministry has impacted your life/ministry.

2) I have just come out with the first (of thirteen) four-week devotionals that I will be offering for sale as part of my speaking engagements.

In this “book tour” I will be speaking on how you need to be the YOU God made you to be. In order to fulfill your God-given purpose and be truly happy in your life, you need to let go of the pre-conceived notions formed through training, societal norms and media influence and cling ONLY to God’s word and influence in your life. To do that, it is critical to spend structured time in the Word of God daily in order to hear His voice and block out the World’s. This thirteen book devotional series does just that by including a daily Bible reading and meditation on that reading focusing on one or several of the above mentioned points.

At this point I am focusing on women’s groups, although I am certainly not opposed to speaking to men’s groups as well since the message is obviously for everyone. If you are involved in a group that you think might benefit from hearing this message, given by someone anointed to give it, please let me know ASAP! I want to get my calendar full! There are ears out there that are hungry for this message and I have a heart that yearns to share it in Jesus’ name and power. Any and all help that you can offer in helping me get this message out to the world would be greatly appreciated! I am including a PDF printable for you to take to any groups or organizations that you think might be interested in having me speak or learning more about these devotionals ($9.99/printed book $4.99/e-book which includes links to the daily Bible reading as well as many other outside resources).

With the most sincerity I can muster, the most thanks I can direct your way and the best blessings I can offer up on your behalf,

Tamar Knochel

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