Kick Fear to the Curb

I have a confession to make, I’m a scaredy cat. My eyes have been opened to the chains of fear that bind me and often times direct my actions. I fear that I’m not a good enough mom, so I worry and fret. I fear that I’m not a good enough wife so I clean and regret. I fear that I’m not a good enough Christian so I fall and repent. When all the while my kids are screaming “I love you Mommy” (you are a good enough mommy for me). My husband is saying “I love you Baby” (you are a good enough wife for me). And my God is saying “Let My complete love for you through them cast out your fears. (1 John 4:7-21) They love you because I love you. Listen to their love, because it’s My love. Let My love for you erase completely your fear of not being enough. Let My grace be sufficient for you. You are what I made you to be, human, and everything that implies.”

So, this New Year I have decided to conquer my fears. I have decided to take God at His word, literally. My New Year’s Resolution this year is to memorize two scriptures on fear (and not being afraid) every month. This is where I’m asking for your support Sheridan. There is strength in numbers and I’m pretty sure that there is at least one reader out there that would like to kick Fear to the curb with me! How great would it be to kick him clear out of Sheridan altogether?

On the first and third edition of the month I will share my verse on fear with you in my article. You may choose to ignore it, read it, memorize it, whatever, it’s up to you. I will also post a printable color picture card for that verse on my website for you to print out and tape to your mirror, your desk, or your steering wheel for all I care. On the day of the post, if you would like to let me know that you’re memorizing with us, stop by my website and leave a comment on the blog. While you’re there, encourage each other to keep going. We’re in this together! All moms for one, and one for all! I am really looking forward to getting rid of this irrational fear of imperfection and others judgments of it. But I’m even more excited to see what God will do with those of us who live by faith and not fear. So, will you join me? Tell me at


I would LOVE to hear your testimony of how God is working in your life! It is through the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony that we defeat the Enemy! (Revelations 12:11) So let’s get busy kicking some Enemy tail and share those testimonies!

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