Family Fire Sunday

Hello all!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on what’s been going on here and thought it was about time! 🙂

This coming Saturday (the 17th) I will be doing another book signing at our local library Holiday Bazaar from 8-2. Then, I will be heading over to our church in Noblesville where I will be setting up for our first “Family Fire Sunday”. I will be leading a video lesson for a special once-a-month Sunday school class (9:30, open to all ages) followed by a family Craft activity (10:30) and Worship Service (11:00, I’m not doing the worship service, that’s just our regular service). At the moment, I am not using any of my own material to teach with… YET! But I am hoping to do so in the not too distant future, when I have something ready. God willing.

As you can see, it’s going to be a big weekend for us! One that I have been looking forward to for quite some time now. Obviously we could really use some prayer! God gave me Luke 14:23 this morning, “And the master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled.” This verse is found in the parable of the Great Banquet, where many are invited and one by one people say that they can’t come anymore, so the Master sends out His servant to “compel” people, anyone who will listen and attend, to come so that His “house may be filled”. This is my prayer for my ministry and for this weekend. That through the Holy Spirit I will be able to compel people to come to His house and meet my Beloved Friend Jesus. He’s a really cool guy ya know. 😉

Next month, we will be again doing the Sunday school class and a craft on the third Sunday of the month, but in addition to that we will also be having a Family Movie Night at the church where we will be showing “The Polar Express” to kick off the holiday season! We will begin with a casual carry-in dinner, then the movie and popcorn! How fun right!?! Prayers for this event would be greatly appreciated as well! We are hoping that it will be December 7th, but the date is still up in the air until I hear back from the church’s calendar keeper. 😉 God bless her! (She’s sick right now and could use our prayers as well.)

Speaking of sick! Sean and I both have been ravaged with something they tell us is viral. Cough and congestion like nothing else I know! Last night I felt like my body was trying to perform an exorcism on my lungs! But they refused to budge, thank God! My back and belly just ache from being wracked with coughing all night.  The day time seems to be so much better though. I can *almost* breathe normally! But once sundown hits, forget it for the rest of the night! So far the kids don’t seem to have gotten it and we pray with all our might that they don’t (In Jesus’ name) because it is simply miserable.

With Sean’s derby ministry, things are going well. At the moment, he is working on stripping a car that was donated to him, and finding all kinds of fun things in it! The two of us are dreaming right now. The other day we were watching a car show and they were building a workshop inside an enclosed trailer. I looked at Sean and said, “That’s what you need honey! Forget the garage, get an enclosed trailer and then you can take the garage with you to derbies!!!” He’s been obsessed ever since. So now we’re dreaming of the day when we’ll have the funds to get this black enclosed trailer that we have our eye on. The day he showed it to me, as we were pulling out of the parking lot he said to me, almost dreamily, “I can just see ‘Sheridan Slobberknocker’ and ‘7×70’ painted across the side of that trailer.” My heart skipped a beat, a rolling witness to Jesus and forgiveness! It cracks me up how different we are from most couples these days. While they’re dreaming about new bigger TVs and such, we’re dreaming about enclosed trailer workshops big enough to fit a car in with a ministry name painted on the side and a website so that people can look us up and receive the gospel message right on their smart phones while driving down the road. Hmmm, that might not be a very safe idea after all… 😉 And the thing that’s even funnier than that, is that just a few short years ago, we were those people dreaming about the material things instead of the ministry things. Oh, how the times have changed!

Now, don’t get me wrong, we do still dream about material things! In fact just yesterday I was dreaming about a new living room floor! But, that’s not what this blog post is about now is it? 🙂

For accountability sake, yes, I am still reading through the Bible in a year and writing as I’m doing it. I’m almost finished with Jeremiah! And I’m feeling like I may be close to finished with the note taking process on the Bible study, but then again I could be very wrong about that. This one feels like it’s going to take a while to finish.

If you’re wondering about my photography, it seems to be taking a backseat at the moment to the church involvement and Bible Study writing. And I’m OK with that because I know that the season has changed and with that comes activity changes. So I won’t cling to what was, but rather I will allow the focus to shift to the things God is calling me to NOW, instead of what He called me to then. I know I have a gift and He won’t let me waste it. But right now my prevalent gift of teaching is wooing me so heavily I can hardly stand it! Visions of lesson plans dance in my head through these long cough-y nights. The teacher in me has laid all too dormant over these last several months and she’s raging to come out with a bang! SO, now that I’ve tapped out these updates, I hear my lesson plan for this coming Sunday beckoning to be written down so I’d better get to it! I’ll do my best to keep you updated so that you can continue to pray for our ministry.

I thank you desperately for your prayers and your encouragement, they mean the world to us!!!


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