Today’s Reading: Isaiah 7:1-10:11

I had a rough morning this morning but God was with me through it all where at one point I was searching for a document on my computer and found this while I was searching; a letter from God to me from about a year ago. I thought it was just too wonderful not to share it with you tonight.

“I started teaching the class. They were unruly and under-disciplined, but I loved them with all my heart, they were mine, I had purchased them with my blood, adopted them so to speak. Adoption is an expensive process but it’s worth every second. Because in the end, they’re yours forever! They’ve always been yours, but now it’s legal. A contract has been signed in blood for each believer in their name, a covenant that is everlasting and eternal, binding and permanent. They are mine because I chose them. Hand-picked to be mine for all eternity, my babies. I can’t express in words you’ll understand, how much I love them. They mean everything to me. EVERYTHING! And I would do anything for them if they’d only ask and believe. Believe in My goodness. I love them Tamar, even you doubt my goodness. Why? Have I not shown you how much I care for you? Yet you still doubt that I would be willing to shower you with abundance beyond your wildest dreams. Why? Don’t you remember who I am and what I’m capable of? Red Sea ringing a bell? Raised from the dead…anything? Honey, trust me with your money, it’s safe in My hands. Besides it’s mine to begin with. Just think of the harvest you’ll reap from all this seed!”

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