Lord, I Thank You…

Today’s Reading: Isaiah 1:1-2:22

for my impossible situations. I thank You for these opportunities to trust You wholly and completely in these areas of my life. I know that You are the God of the impossible and that You can redeem me from this circumstance, BUT before You do I want to take the time to thank You for allowing this impossibility in my life so that I may experience just how awesome You really are; so that I may see just how good You are. I thank You for this dark situation in my life so that I may shine Your pure light through this circumstance to others who may not know You. Thank You for using me in such a miraculous way that I may be the receiver of Your miracles! I am the recipient of Your miracles! Hallelujah! Lord, I thank You that blessed are those that mourn because they will be comforted. Lord I thank You in this weeping, I thank You for the sadness, because of it I am being comforted with Your very hand! Lord Jesus thank You for Your sacrifice and wisdom and sharing them with us!

Lord, I thank You for the captivity, it is because of my captivity that I will experience Your freeing grace. Lord, I thank You for the boundaries in my life, it is because of those boundaries that I will be able to see You exceed them! Lord, I thank You for turning the impossible into possible, the improbable into probable, the unlikely into likely. Thank You for changing me from a sinner into a saint. Thank You for turning death into a resurrection, for resurrecting me, for resurrecting the possibilities in my life. Thank You for helping me face my fears and through facing them conquering them together with You. God I thank You for this circumstance where I have been forced to face my fear. Thank You for helping me get through this to VICTORY in Jesus. I thank You Lord that You are with me and have been with me through it all. You have done it all, You have been and will be my shield and rampart my ever-present help in times of trouble and although I sit in darkness You are my Light; no purer light could I ask for than Yours. You are my Beloved and I am YOURS!

Lord, I thank You that I am forgiven once and for all! I PRAISE You that Your redeeming grace is so much greater and more powerful than all my sins ever could be! You are greater You are more powerful than anything and everything that I could ever face in a day. You are the beginning and the end. You are. You are. You are!!! And because You are, I AM! Because I am Yours and am in You I am redeemed, I am forgiven, I am loved, I am covered and will never be ashamed again all because of You! You have done it all and more, You have paid it all and more. You! Oh Yaweh, I love You! I love You because you first loved me. I know what love is because of You. You, my wonderful, marvelous savior my Beloved THANK YOU for choosing me to be Your BRIDE!!!! You chose me! Thank You Jesus! Lord, I thank You that the only condition to Your love is that we make the choice to hold out our hands and RECEIVE IT! Lord please help me to RECEIVE Your love today!

Lord, help me to keep my hands open trusting to receive Your goodness and nothing else. I lift my eyes to the hills, where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth! You are all I want, You are all I ever needed, help me to know that You are near! Hold me close to You, let me feel Your presence because Your presence is like heaven to me; it is like wine to my body. Make me drunk on Your Spirit alone. Come. Fill me with Your FIRE so that I can be more like You! Open me Lord so that I may be filled. Open my eyes so that I may see You working in my life and in the lives of others around me. Father open my ears so that I may hear Your sweet whisper as Your voice flows through my heart singing over me with the Song of Salvation. Lord, I pray that You would enlighten the eyes of my heart! Open my heart to receive Your outpouring of love for me. Lord, open my mouth wide so that You may feed me Your food from heaven. Open me wide to receive Papa! Open me wide to receive the goodness You have in store for me. Help me to let go of my worry and give it to You so that my hands may be empty and able to receive. Help me to drop the insignificant shells of the things I’ve been holding onto, so that I may lay hold of You my true treasure, my delight and hope are in You and Your goodness and light. You are neither insignificant nor a shell. You are everything. You are MY everything. Lord Your perfect love casts out fear, please take my fears and fling them from me as far as the east is from the west! I cast my cares upon You because You care about me and therefore You care about the things I care about, especially the things that bother me and make me afraid. Lord I thank You and I praise You for helping me turn my eyes towards You and reminding me that all the things of this earth grow so strangely dim in the light of Your glory and grace! When we look to You everything else, our worries, our fears, our doubts they all fade into the background and become so small and insignificant when compared to You and Your greatness! God I praise You for Your greatness and the way my problems are dwarfed into complete extinction when compared with You and Your power, ability and willingness to lift me out of this miry muddy mess! Jesus thank You for sharing Your love and Your life with me. Me of all people – the least of all people – me. You chose me to be Your FRIEND! I don’t know what about little old me would make you want me? But You do! And I praise You for wanting me! And oh how You want me!

LORD, I Thank You!!!!!

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