The Bottom of it All

Today’s Reading: Hebrews 11:1-13:25

You answer Him, “Well, no one really told me that, I just figured that since the door wouldn’t open for me that it must have been closed forever.”

Shaking His head Jesus answered, “Now why would you think a silly thing like that? Let not your heart be troubled. Don’t you remember what was said on the cross? When I said ‘It is finished’ I was NOT talking about miracles, I was talking about the job I had come to do. I came so that you would see LIFE, and not the kind of life that those before Me had seen but life filled with abundance and peace!”

Beloved, I am the good shepherd; I lead you in paths of righteousness; and not paths built by your own righteousness or your own doing, but Mine. I am the righteous One, I am the One that came and was completely perfectly sinless so that you wouldn’t have to be. I am the One who came and suffered unmentionable things, horrors that you could never even begin to imagine and will now never have to experience because I went through them first. I am the only one in all of history that has truly seen and been through the valley of darkness. Yes, you too may walk through it, but you do not walk through it alone you pass through that darkness with Me, The Light by your side, never leaving you nor forsaking you. I will never desert you. I will never give up on you. I will never abandon you. I am your Light. I am your guide. I am yours! I am faithful when you are not. I believe in you when you do not. I trust you when you don’t. I made you just the way you are, trust Me when I say that you are perfect in my eyes. Not because of anything that you have done or said, but because of everything that Jesus has done and everything that Jesus has said. I see you through His perfect blood sprinkled upon your now perfectly clean heart. His blood is so much more precious than the blood of goats and sheep that never cleaned a single heart but rather foreshadowed the perfectly innocent blood of the Lamb to come; born in a barn like all the rest of the sacrificial lambs, He came so that you could be free. Free from sin. Free from guilt and shame and the condemnation that sin brought into this world; the condemnation of self-righteousness, the thought that you need to be more than what I made you to be; more than human. I didn’t make you to be Me. I made you to be you, I already had a Me I didn’t need another one! I needed someone to love Me, someone to trust Me, someone to believe in Me and that I tell the truth when I say that I love you more than you could ever possibly imagine. My Beloved, you are mine and I am yours – believe in that, trust in that, hope in that, hold on to that – I am YOURS! I belong to you. I am your possession as you are mine. I am your hope and salvation in times of trouble. I am yours to have and to hold from this day forward. I am your deliverance in the day of doubt. I am yours from this day on forevermore; I am yours.

Now. That door will open at the slightest push. Take out your Faith. Not your faith in Me; while it is helpful it is not the way to get through the door. While Your faith in me opens the door, it is My faith in you that gets you through it. While I am the door, it takes faith in your ability and position to walk through it and lay hold of the treasures behind it. In the desert I provided the miracle of manna, but they each had to put on their shoes and in faith walk through their front door to take possession of that bread from heaven. The woman subject to bleeding was not healed until she made the decision to do something about her condition, get up, seek Me out and lay hold of the hem of my garment. Though Blind Bartemas called to me from the side of the road, he was not healed of his blindness until he heard me call him to come, throw off his heavy cloak of darkness and walk to Me to receive his healing. My friend, no one is worthy in their own eyes of the miracles that I am about to perform on this planet. But each and everyone is worthy in My eyes. Do you know why? They are worthy in My eyes because they are My Beloved. My people have been fed too many lies for too long and it is about time that step in and take them back from the food poisoning that has overtaken them. They have been poisoned with the apples of sin consciousness and the self condemnation that comes from a self focused life. I want them to realize, I want YOU to realize that a life focused on Me, My perfection and My righteousness and My holiness leads to a completely free and abundant life, right here in the land of the living. Today. My Darling, it is your job, today, to help them see how much I love them. That it matters not how much they love Me, that really makes no difference in this world. But how much I love you, how much I love this world, how much I love every living thing in this world; THAT is what really matters. Yes, faith CAN move mountains but Love is greater than faith and hope.

Now. Get up, walk through that door and take hold of the blessings I have been storing up for you!”

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