The Color of Love

Today’s Reading: Genesis 18:1-21:21

(If you’re following this blog for the daily reading plan, I apologize for my haphard-ness and delayed posts, please forgive me!!!!! For your benefit there is a printable PDF of the entire plan on the website. Please feel free to use that. Again, I am so sorry for the unreliable posts lately.)

Having just defended my watermelon and pumpkin vines from the weeds, my eyes were met with wonder when I plunked down on a cinderblock nearby to bask in my victory over the enemy invaders. It had rained the night before and there in the tender shoots of grass at the edge of the garden were hundreds of these tiny orbs of light filled with rainbows! I jumped straight up to retrieve my camera from the house before the rapidly rising heat from the sun would evaporate these little treasures. I am sad to admit that I did them no justice in my photography, but I tried.

These gems sparkled back at me so brilliantly that they forced me to sit there and think about water and light and how they both represent God. Here we have just read about Noah and God’s promise to never use water to destroy the whole earth again and as a symbol of this promise He places the rainbow in the sky. The rainbow, something that happens because the Sun, giving God’s light to God’s children, shines through little droplets of rain still suspended in the air and they reflect that light down to the earth causing a rainbow to be seen. Now, when we see the light from the Sun we tend to see it all as just a bright white light. But in fact, within that white are contained all the colors that the human eye can see, and even some that we probably can’t! So while we can’t see all those colors with the naked eye, with the help of just a little water, we can!

So often in life we see God’s love as just one pure bright white light, but thanks to the streams of Living Water of the Holy Spirit flowing through our souls we are able to separate out the different colors of God’s love from that bright mass of white. We’re able to see how the light also contains dark colors as well. Colors like the nutrient rich black soil and bright leafy green co-exist in the Light of God’s love, pairing together beautifully to set one another apart in such a way that they both look beautiful.

Yes, sitting there bedazzled by the sparkle of the rainbows flashing back at me from the ground I had to smile at what I had found; God’s love in drops of rain. Rain that we had been desperately praying for, shining brightly, like diamonds in the light.

*In the last picture there is a smiling face, see if you can find it. Hint: bottom left quadrant.


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