Ode to my Hard Workin’ Man

Today’s Reading: Ezekiel 42:1-44:31

Some days writing comes so easily, others, not so much. Today was one of those days. I wanted to write, I just didn’t know about what. Nothing in today’s reading really jumped out at me as something that I was supposed to write about. I wasted most of the day moping and fretting over money. But this afternoon I realized that, as usual, I was looking at the situation all wrong; I was looking at the money instead of the source of it. And as far as today goes, more importantly, from whom God chooses to provide it through and the tremendous blessing that he is in my life!

My amazing husband, Sean!

This man came into my life as a Christmas present from a mutual friend in 1994.

She drew my name in our high school Colorguard gift exchange and knew that I had a crush on him so she talked him into going to the Christmas dance with me. We’ve been together ever since. Sean is one of those stand-up guys that everybody loves and wants to spend time with.

He’s a great listener, which is good because I’m a great talker! And he really is honestly my best friend.

This man would do anything for me, and he proves that every day in so many ways. Mostly just by putting up with me. On those days when I feel like no one else wants me, I know he still does. On those days when I feel like EVERYONE needs me, I know he’s the only one that really does, but he stands back and waits instead. On those days when I don’t feel very lovable, he seems to find yet another way to make me laugh and love me.

He’s the greatest dad to our children and they absolutely adore him!

Which makes me love him even more, but what’s even better than how much he loves our children, is how much he loves me.

Go back through and just look in his eyes, you can see it in there. It fills him, it consumes him and obviously has possessed him to do crazy things like work his butt off every day, all day, so that I can stay home and pursue this passion for writing and ministry that hasn’t made us more than $12 so far in three years. What kind of man does that? What kind of man works a job he’s not happy in anymore, has a derby tire business on the side in order to support his own passion, gets up before first light and works until well after dark most nights

and never complains about his wife literally sitting around all day reading, praying and writing and taking care of the kids of course… by playing with them at the park and the zoo!?! Who does that? What kind of love is that? And who in the world am I to deserve a love like that directed at ME?

And honestly, if that isn’t enough to make you fall in love with this wonderful man God has blessed me with, get this! The kids and I aren’t the only ones he serves. He is constantly helping others as well.

From trying to lead a men’s group at church and helping his buddies out in demo derbies;

to helping total strangers in the Tough Mudder, or little old ladies with restaurant doors, he never stops. He is always on duty.

Lord, I don’t know how I could ever thank You enough for my hard working man! Thank You for such a tremendous blessing that I get to love and cherish all the days of my life; may I always give him the credit he deserves. Please help me to bless him the way he has blessed me. Help me to be the wife and helpmate that he deserves. Help me to be there for him when he needs me, to hold him up when he’s low, to cheer him on when he’s tired and doesn’t want to go on. Help me to love him like no other so that he can feel Your love through me in whatever way he needs it most. Help me to put him first instead of my selfish self all the time. GOD BLESS HIM! Because you know I can’t bless him the way You can! Lay Your hands on him and pronounce Your Name over his head and his heart. He loves You Lord! Oh, how he loves You! Father, thank You for this man! May our son, and our future son-in-law, be JUST like him; because he’s a keeper.

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