Look to the Birds

Today’s Reading: Ezekiel 1:1-4:17

Jesus said “Look at the birds they neither sow nor reap, yet God feeds them. Are you not more precious to Him than they?” Matthew 6:26

4:00 AM The 1st bird’s morning chirp has found my ear.

4:15 AM Many birds have joined in on the song to chase the cover of darkness away and make way for dawn’s first light.

5:00 AM The sky has begun to lighten from dark black to velvety purple – the birds sing on.

6:00 AM The sky is now much brighter – almost blue again and the birds’ chirping quiets as the first glimpse of the morning light cascades over the Eastern horizon and darkness flees.

Why do the birds awaken and sing so vigorously a full two hours before the true breaking of dawn? For what purpose what reason do they sing? They have no refrigerators full or pantries stocked. They have no closet of clothes nor nests full of toys, yet they sing anyway, why?

Is it perhaps that their song-sung vigorously and loud – is the very thing that brings the dawn? Are their praises the light switch that makes the dark time flee, sending it screaming for relief from the tidal wave of light? The Light coming to sweep the darkness back under the rug.

Yes. Look to the birds, they know from where their help comes from. It’s not the hills, or the trees, it’s from the Lord of Light, the creator Himself. And they sing of His brilliant deliverance hours before it actually comes.

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