Sabbath week

today’s reading: Exodus 16:9-19:25

I’m feeling the Spirit’s leading to take this next week off from posting in order to focus on Jesus and what His plans for this next season are so that we both can be on the same page. Judging by how the last few days have gone and the tremendous insights I have gained already we’re in for a wild ride folks!
Your prayers would be tremendously appreciated at this time!
For those of you whom I’ve been able to talk to recently you know how terrible the last few nights have been for me. (For those of you I haven’t spoken to, there’s a blog coming about it when I get back from this spiritual stay-cation.) Last night, was a night of watching (Exodus 12:40-42). The conversation that I had with the LORD last night was so incredibly inspiring! He is such a generous and living God and w have barely even begun to taste and see just how good and awesome He is! Great things are in store my friends, great things!
Don’t forget to pray for me and for each other! I love you!!!!!!!

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