It Shall be Fulfilled

Today’s Reading: Exodus 3:1-6:30

Today I just want to point something out that I underlined and circled in both today’s reading and yesterday’s reading: “I know” (Exodus 3:19) & “God knew” (Exodus 2:25)

My friend, God knows! He knows what we need, He knows what we want, He knows! And a loving God that is willing to make promises to us for our welfare and not our harm

is also a God who is able and willing to provide for our wants AND our needs. When we remain in Him, He remains in us and we can ask with confidence for anything in His name and believe that we will receive it and we will. God is a good God. He loves us and He delights in providing for us abundantly above all that we could think or imagine! To quote from Pharaoh in Esther “Now what is your wish? It shall be granted you. And what further is your request? It shall be fulfilled.” (9:12) God wants to hear our requests; He wants to hear us ask Him for the things we need and what we want. Not because He doesn’t know, but because He wants us to tell Him so that we will recognize it when our desires get fulfilled by the One who cares the most about us. He is SUCH a good God!

In the comments section below I would love for you to share a fulfilled request with us! Your comment will appear on our website where others can see and rejoice in your answered prayer so please share! J

(Can you tell it’s summer vacation here? The posts are getting shorter and shorter!)

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2 thoughts on “It Shall be Fulfilled

  1. Tim Johnson

    Four years ago my wife and I met a fellow graduate from Univ. of Wisconsin whose wife sadly also has Multiple Sclerosis (MS) just like I have. Our friends told us they were moving from a two story house to a new single layer ranch. They offered me the Broine Stair master (Stair step elevator) that she had used, and just 3 weeks later they delivered it to our house! I think and I pray each time I ride the elevator up or down the stairs the gift was from God through a friend. Fantastic because while I can still climb the 13 steps upstairs having the stair-walker helps me save that little bit of energy which I now and use for something else Jesus calls me to do for the day. Tim Johnson

  2. Tim that is so beautiful!!!! Isn’t God just so awesome!?! Thank you so much for sharing!

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