Tomorrow’s Worries

Come Holy Spirit, fill me with Your fire so that I can be more like You; help me, I trust You. Father, open my eyes so that I may see You clearly. Open my ears so that I may hear You soundly. Open my mind so that I may understand You more. Open my heart so that I may love You more. Open my hands so that I may give generously and receive humbly, In Jesus name, Amen!

Todays reading: Acts 20:1-22:21

And now, behold, I am going to Jerusalem, constrained by the Spirit, not knowing what will happen to me there, Acts 20:22

If youre like me, the future is a scary place. I know I am going there, whether I like it or not, but I dont know what will happen to me there, and that can be a scary thing! Today is a difficult day for the Knochel family; this afternoon we lost a dearly loved member of our family, my husbands grandma. She was a beautiful woman who loved God dearly enough to spend her summers out west working as a missionary and living out of their RV. As a family in this moment, we dont know what the future will look like without her in it; it looks a little darker and sadder right now. However, while those of us here on earth will be crying tears of sorrow and loss, her family in heaven will be crying tears of joy. We cant be sad for her, shes not missing anything, shes gaining everything. So our tears are obviously not for her benefit. If theyre not for her benefit, then for whos but our own? And isnt that nothing but selfishness? Yet, when someone dies how can we do anything but cry? How can we do anything but morn? How can we feel anything but sorrow? How can we see anything but our loss?

Her salvation is secure, so what does she have to be sad about? Nothing!

The other day I told you about finding solace in photography and looking closely at the things that God alone created, and thats what Ive spent the morning doing today. As the kids and I were getting ready this morning it was a dreary dark morning, the feeling of the day was simply depressing and it was permeating our moods as well. But shortly after I dropped my daughter off at her play date and my son off at school God made my plans take a sharp right turn. I had planned on spending the morning in prayer with friends at the school, but that wasnt Gods plan for me in this day, He knew what was coming for our family. So He canceled Moms in Prayer for the morning due to our leaders sickness, then He sent me in His direction with a phone call from a friend. In that brief call I shared with her my current struggle with a glass-half-empty attitude that Ive picked up somewhere. And God used her to shake some sense into me (He uses her a lot for that, Im tellin ya, everybody needs a friend like Kelly in their life)! And then God used the Holy Spirit and Kelly both to give me my new plan for the day, go take pictures.

For the last year Ive been struggling with this idea that nothing good is going to happen to me in a worldly sense. Sure, I totally get that everything works for the good of those who love the Lord (Romans 8:28), but Id lost the hope that… oh, I dont know, maybe God would cut us a break! It seems like all we ever do is struggle. Struggle to manage our time, our money, our kids, our house, our jobs, sigh… its exhausting! And so Ive been praying that God would show me His goodness in the land of the living. That I would get to SEE those blessings He promises in Deuteronomy 28. My flocks (or finances) becoming abundant, my bread pan (food) overflowing, you know, those kinds of things. Please dont misunderstand me, spiritually I am so blessed it amazes me… but physically… well, maybe Im just spoiled and Im not seeing things the way I should, but I want more!

OK, just reading that sentence makes me cringe, total selfishness! But, it is the truth. Honestly, right now I feel like Ive just been so beaten down by the world that I dont feel like getting up to get beaten back down again. But then, God speaks, and you really cant argue with Him, try as you may! This morning during my quiet time with Him, while I was reading todays passages, He says to me Times of refreshing will come.

This winter I kept expecting the snow to just dump on us and bury us like it did last year and yet it never did. And then about three weeks ago when it really started looking like spring was really here to stay I began to adjust my thinking and realized that just because the snow buried us last year doesnt mean that it will this year… and maybe God gave us this winter to make up for last winter! I held on to that thought pattern for a few days while it was in the sixties. But then it got up into the seventies the very next week and little Mr. Bad Attitude on my shoulder started whispering in my ear, If its in the seventies in March, whats it going to be like in July? It could be like a thousand degrees! And I started accepting those thought patterns and spitting them back out as my own!!! Ugh! What was I thinking? I was failing to realize that maybe, since God gave us such a mild and wonderful winter, and an early spring, that perhaps maybe He would also choose to bless us with this very weather for all of the summer as well! Maybe. Who knows?

You see, my dread of the future bad weather was stealing my enjoyment of the current beautiful weather. And thats exactly what my attitude has been doing for my life as well. I have been so caught up in worrying about the future and what it holds that Ive been missing the beauty of the moment that Im in right now. Ive missed so very much.

Do not be anxious for tomorrow and let tomorrows worries steal todays joys!

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