One Seed

Last night I had an opportunity, one I pray no one EVER passes up.

I was going into a public restroom after Anna’s dance recital and saw Mackenzie, the daughter of one of our Tamar Ministries Sisters. So I greeted her warmly and continued ahead into the stall. “Oh, HI Miss Tyra!” she said with a big smile that I could hear through the door. Immediately my Spirit perked up and said “You really need to explain to her about your new name. She’ll understand.” Then I thought about the verse in 1 Corinthians 2 where Paul talks about laying aside the grace in his tongue and knowing nothing but Jesus and Him crucified. Little did I know that that’s precisely what I was about to do! When I came out Mackenzie was still in the restroom drying her hands under the dryers so I said “Hey Mackenzie, can you do me a favor? Can you call me Tamar now? God gave me a new name and it’s Tamar.” Because of the noise of the dryers she kept asking me to repeat myself… over and over. And just as they stopped and I was saying “God gave me a new name” for the umpteenth time, her little friend Dylan walked back into the room because she had forgotten her coat. She looked at me wide-eyed and asked “You believe in God?”

I emphatically answered “Yup! Sure do!”

“Why do you believe in God?” Dylan asked.

“Because I can’t not believe, He loves me too much.” (Now I have to interrupt myself here for a minute to explain to you that NONE of this conversation had been thought out on my part. I can 100% honestly tell you that when I walked into the restroom the Holy Spirit took over the entire thing. Every word from my mouth was completely from Him. My answers to her questions were not my own, there was zero thinking about them involved, they just came out on their own. Straight from Him.)

“Well, we believe in the Big Bang.” said Dylan.

“Oh” I said, as if to mean “OK”.

“Do you know about the Big Bang?” Dylan asked as we started walking out of the restroom and toward the girls’ mothers.

I nodded my head, “Uh huh”

“We believe that the Big Bang created us.”

“Mmmmmm… well we” I put my arm around my friend Mackenzie, “believe that God made the Big Bang.”

At this point the conversation between Dylan and myself ended as I joined the mother’s conversation, but the two girls continued talking between themselves. Now, I have no idea what was said between the two of them but the look on Mackenzie’s face was an interesting one to be sure. Kelly, Mackenzie’s mom, asked her what was wrong and neither girl said anything to her. And then Dylan’s mom started walking toward the door to leave for the night. Kelly turned and looked at me with one eyebrow sky-high, “WHAT was that all about???” Now, I don’t know what my own face looked like at that moment, but it had to have been beaming! I was about to explode with excitement! I’ve never gotten to do that before!

I’ve heard that it takes an average of twenty-five “God-touches” in a person’s life to save them, and I had just gotten to be one of those!!! All because I didn’t question the Spirit when He prompted me to ask Mackenzie to call me Tamar.

What could be really mind-blowing is what the fruit of that one tiny seed may turn out to be! One tiny apple seed, when planted and well-tended, will grow into an apple tree filled with bushels and bushels of apples filled with more seeds of their own!

Lord Jesus, Creator of heaven and earth, gardener extraordinaire, please tend that tiny seed well. I pray that it fell on fertile soil (which judging by the pure curiosity in her eyes it did) and not the rocky path. I pray that You Holy Spirit will guard her heart and her mind in Christ Jesus and keep the weeds from choking the life from it or the birds of the air from snatching it up! Lord, I pray that this little seed grow and take root in her heart that You love HER because You created HER in her mother’s womb. Father, I thank You for providing this opportunity of response ability by giving me the ability to respond when the opportunity arose. And I ask that You will always bless me with an open mouth when it comes to opportunities like these!!! Because I know that we can always choose not to take them, so I pray that I don’t ever  make the choice to pass the opportunity up.


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