Multitasking by Guest Blogger: Cece Weewhinn

It was a lovely morning at the city park by the pond. Throughout the various trails, couples strolled, children danced around mommies, bikers called out, “On your left!”, and groups of ladies waved and laughed. Certainly all rejoiced with the break of the previous heat wave, as above a thin layer of clouds covered the sun’s thermal rays.

A cool breeze passed over this oasis of pleasure in the big city, which even the wild life hugged. Flocks of geese honked overhead, eventually diving for and splashing onto the fish-filled pond in the middle of the park. Other water fowl – ducks and a pair of Great Blue Herons – were dispersed around and in the pond, posing for excited photographers. Various turtles swam about searching for, and finding, branches or rocks to bask on for the pleasure of human viewing.

Off in the distance, along a ridge, a baseball-capped, pony-tailed head could be seen bobbing above the ornamental prairie grass surrounding the hiking path. Those below, moving toward her, thought she was jogging. As she followed the curve in the path, then appeared from behind a set of trees, one noticed she was pushing a stroller with one hand. In addition to this, her other hand held a leash to a dog running alongside the path, reining him in when he was inappropriate.

Quickly turning her head and peering behind herself, on-lookers soon realized a very young boy on a bicycle was following her, calling out. She, in turning, had verbally acknowledged him. Miraculously, they all managed to stay together.

Someone laughed as she passed by, “You have quite a task, today!” “Of all things!” another gasped. She was also talking to someone on her earpiece phone! All observations made, the closer they came into view.

Scripture tells us the closer we allow God to come to us, the more we see Him do. He is a Heavenly Father who is capable of performing many tasks at the same time. While He is pushing some along the path of life, He may have to rein others away from the inappropriate, and from behind encourage those who are slow to follow, yet is always available to listen to those speaking directly into His ear.

Miraculously, through it all, He remains in the center of every need. Nothing deters Him from it, whatever the environment holds…and there will be those who take notice.

Our God, the King of Multitasking
“Go to God and confess your sins to Him, for He does wonderful miracles, marvels without number,” (Job 5:8-9). Living Bible
“The Lord is near to all who call upon Him,” (Psalm 145:18). American Standard

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