Sunday Morning Prayer

Good morning Lord!

So, the “wrong number” phone call at precisely 2:28am was, I think, a nice touch. (2=set : 28=holy repentance, revival, renewal – which is what I’ve been praying for) After telling me during my break-down last night that the break-through is coming. But then to have me wake up at 7:20 (7=completion :20=holiness) and then 8:01 (8=renewal : 01=new), I just love it! I was feeling so down-trodden and useless last night and Your efforts to make me feel supported and loved are not going unnoticed. I appreciate it Lord. Thank You for helping me remember that I can’t expect my husband to be everything I need. Because I’m supposed to be expecting You to be everything I need.  I love You so much Lord. You truly do complete me. LOL. I think it’s funny to say that to God, but what’s really funny is that it’s so much more true for me to say it to You than to him even. While he may complete me in a more physical sense, You complete me in a REAL way. You were always intended to fill the infinite abyss in my soul. That place so filled with longings and desires that no thing on earth can fill. Only the infinite being of Yaweh can do that! You are so awesome! I love how we were made to go together, like peanut butter and jelly.

“Me and you, and you and Me, no matter how they toss the dice it has to be, the only one for Me is you and you for Me, so happy together!” LOL!!! You crack me up LORD! I love You! I love how You so often speak to me through the lyrics of songs running through my head and how the ones You’ve used lately are songs I haven’t heard in AGES! The relationship I have with You is so great! I love how You make me smile.

Lord, I lift up our church’s services to You today. May they honor and please You today Lord. Let the music make You smile. Not because You like the songs, but because the music is coming from the people You love. Lord, please come and meet us there, let Your Holy Spirit come and fill those sanctuaries so full of Your Spirit and Your fire that there is no room left for anything evil to remain and try to steal those precious seeds of Your Word that are being sown from those pulpits this morning. Lord, I lift up our shepherds. I ask that You will pour Your Spirit out on them today in such a degree that they will almost feel drunk! Use their lips to speak Your word to Your People today. Fill them with Your boldness and courage to speak those things that You’re calling us all to speak but they’re hard to say sometimes. Help them to say those things today. Help them to say ALL the words that You want to be heard today and none of the words that You don’t want spoken. Lord, I lift up Your Church this morning. Please open our eyes to see You more, open our ears to hear You more, open our minds to accept Your truths more from wherever we learn them church or otherwise. Your truth is the truth no matter where it comes from. Please help us learn the lessons You have set forth for us to learn today and throughout the week. Please open our hearts to love You more this week. Help us to fall deeper in love with You than we already are today. Let Your love grow within us day by day like an all-consuming, ever satisfying fire filling us to the brim with love for You and all of Your creation around us. Please let our cups overflow with Your love so that we are forced to pour it out on everyone that You place around us today. Oh, how I love You Lord! But I want to know you more! Teach me/us to know You more Lord, because the more we know You the more we love You. Pour Your Spirit out on us Lord, let us know what it FEELS like to have You with us in a greater measure. Lord, You are like a drug that I never want to stop being addicted to! A drink that always satisfies but it’s never enough for me that I want to stop drinking. You are the daily bread that fills but never is enough to make my hunger pangs for You cease. You are the God that satisfies and creates hunger and thirst for more of You! You are never enough for me and yet You are always exactly what I want. Lord, I’m glad You can read my heart and the intent of these words because they’re really not coming across with the intensity with which I am speaking them. Please use Your Holy Spirit to explain them to anyone who reads them so that they will understand what I mean about the mystery that You are and how You fill but you don’t fill, how You satisfy, but yet You don’t. How Your love is exactly enough and yet it’s never enough.

Lord, I lift up Tamar Ministries to You and everything that we say and do. Please use us to touch lives. To save individuals, marriages and families. We want to be a useful tool in Your infinite tool belt of ways to touch and change people’s lives. We want to be used of You because then we will be in Your hand more often. Lord, we surrender everything we are to You and Your purposes for us. It is Your plan that we want for our lives, it is Your will we wish to fulfill. Please help us to accomplish Your goals for us each individually and corporately. I lift up anyone and everyone who has, is, or ever will read or hear anything “spoken” from this platform we now call Tamar Ministries. Please open their hearts and minds to know You more through us.

In Jesus’ holy name we ask all these things, according to YOUR will Father God, AMEN!!!


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