You Have Been Redeemed

In this third volume of Tamar Knochel’s Write through the Bible in a Year series we follow her struggles to find balance in the chaos of life, Joy in the pain-filled moments and Peace in the knowing the HE is God and we are Redeemed. Life is an amazing adventure, this is Tamar Knochel’s story. Well, at least part of it anyway.

Click on the covers below to order your own copy today!

Paperback full color interior: $39.99 + tax/sh

Paperback black and white interior: $9.99 + tax/sh

Kindle E-book full color: $4.99

YHBR front cover

Paperback – full color interior $39.99

YHBR front cover

Paperback – black and white interior $9.99 + tax/sh

Book Covers - Page 007

Kindle E-book $4.99


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