Waiting isn’t easy! Noah waited 40 days for the rain to stop. The Israelites waited in the wilderness for 40 years to step into their Promised Land. Jesus waited 40 days in the wilderness before beginning His ministry. We can observe these stories and see that times of waiting are “middle times”. Noah was in the middle time between absolute chaos and God starting something new on the earth. The Israelites were in a tempering zone to prepare and strengthen the Israelites spiritually from being slaves in Egypt to being free men in the Promised Land. The 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness was a preparation time to transition Jesus from being “normal” to being Christ. Waiting isn’t easy, but it is a blessing when we allow it to be! When we realize that our times of waiting are really times of preparation, it can make transition so much easier! Join author Tamar Knochel on her continuing journey as she lives through her own season of waiting and the frustration that it brings. What discoveries will God show her along the way through her own Wilderness journey? Only time will tell!

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